Trend Report: 2014 Grammys

The Grammys never fail to shock people when it comes to fashion, and this year was no exception. While some starlets rocked their best dresses, others fell flat in their attempts to impress. Let’s take a closer look at the night’s best and worst red carpet moments with a trend report:



Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Chrissy Teigen and Amber Rose all opted for shimmering gowns that received high praises from fashion experts. Taylor Swift just can’t seem to stay away from the sparkles -- but they haven’t failed her yet, as many deemed her best dressed of the night.


Sheer Dresses

If Beyonce is wearing something, how bad can it be? Along with Katy Perry and Colbie Caillat, Beyonce rocked one of the night’s hottest trends -- which seems to be a hit or miss with the fashion experts. While Katy Perry’s quirky music note inspired Valentino dress was not a hit for many fashion experts, it didn’t fail to turn heads, which is really what Grammys fashion is all about, right?



What’s that on your head, Pharrell? (And who’s under it?) One of the night’s (unfortunate) trends were hats, and while they provided a slew of great tweets throughout the night, they were not the most fashionable trend we spotted. In addition to Pharrell’s Arby’s inspired accessory, Madonna and her son and Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon got in on the trend.


Every awards show comes with its own trends, and while we don’t expect most of these ones to carry over to The Oscars (How much would you pay to see Leonardo DiCaprio in Pharrell’s hat?) they have definitely made their mark on the red carpet this season, for better or worse.


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