Treats That Want To Be Your Valentine

Many of us will be spending this Valentine's Day without a valentine and instead, celebrate Galentine's Day. Whether it is hanging out with your pals or watching chick flicks, those who are single still know how to have a great time on the love holiday. The day wouldn't be complete without some yummy treats to enjoy with the ones you love while watching Nicholas Sparks movies or a Gilmore Girls marathon. Here are some Galentines Day treats to make with your favorite women.

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

Sugar cookies are a classic way to treat yourself on Valentines Day. Ever thought about blondies, sugar cookie style? These bars are just like blondies but with sugar cookie dough. They look and taste great with some pretty red or pink frosting. See the recipe here!

Cupid Floats

The combination of soda and ice-cream always brings out the little kid in us. But the soda used in floats isn't limited to rootbeer- Coke, Sprite, and Fanta are some great choices. This year, concoct a beverage that all the girls can love. With its pink color and creamy vanilla ice-cream, what's not to love? Start your floats with this recipe!

Fruit Kabobs

Fruit is a classic snack for any event. You may have seen the fruit kabob American flag with bananas, blueberries, and strawberries, but the Fourth of July isn't the only kabob-worthy celebration: for Galentines Day, cut different types of fruit into hearts! To name a few, strawberries, bananas, and apples are great options.

Sweetheart Puppy Chow

If you're tired of drooling over your crush, here's something else to drool over. Everyone loves the sweet, chocolately, peanut butter cereal dessert puppy chow! It's a mix between a sweeter trail mix and a cereal of peanut butter cups. To dress it up for the holiday, add some pink, white, and red M&Ms. Start your batch here.

Heart Appetizer Plate

Another classic snack to serve at parties or on your own is a spread of meats and cheeses including cheddar cheese and salami. Just like the fruit, they are also easy to cut in the shapes of hearts. Make your friends laugh by showing your crafty side and serving them heart-shaped cheeses and meats this year.

Pink Velvet Cupcakes  

If we're talking cupcakes, red velvet is the way to go, especially to fit with the festivities. This year, kick it up a knotch by making pink velvet cupcakes instead! Celebrate more pink and less red with this recipe.

Valentines Day is all about the candy, sweet treats, and the ones we love. It doesn't have to be couples that celebrate Valentines Day though, friends can do a Galentines Day with some delicious treats. This year, steer away from the traditional candies and be creative with your Galentines Day snacks!

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