Top 10 Things To Do If You're Staying Home for Spring Break

The weeks of sleepless nights are over because finally spring break is here. Some of us are going to soak up the sun in Florida or on a beautiful island, while others may be traveling to Europe and having the time of their lives. What about the rest of us who are going home- what are we going to do? Here is a list of the top ten things to do if you’re home during spring break.

  1. Sleep

All we do as college students is complain about not getting enough sleep (because we don’t) the first thing we should do is catch up on all those lost z’s.

2. Hang out with friends

You and all your friends have been spread out all over the country because of school. What better thing to do than re-connect during spring break?

3. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read

We all have that one book that we swear we’d read if we just had the free time. Spring break is probably the last bit of free time we’ll have before summer and we should definitely take advantage of that.

4. Exercise

My biggest excuse for not hitting the gym is because I have too much work to do. Over spring break, that excuse no longer works. What better time to start your 2017 New Years resolution than over spring break?

5. Video game olympics

If you and your friends want to do something fun that doesn’t require you actually leaving the house, then pull out your Wii and Xbox and have a video game olympics.

6. Get a hotel room

One of the best things to do if you never have done it before is to spend a weekend in a hotel right in your area. You’ll feel as though you’re on vacation while saving money, and you’ll still get all the perks of room service and an indoor pool.

7. Bake

Gather your friends and have a mini bake off. Pick an item that you all have to bake and then have three friends act as judges. Let the best baker win!

8. Movie Marathon

Rent all the classics and spend a day watching them. Lose yourself in the movies and make sure to have plenty of popcorn.

9. Go on photoventures

Grab your friends and make them models for the day. Plan out a shoot and take pictures all over town. Then make sure to post your most insta-worthy photo.

10. Picnic

On a nice sunny day, head to the park with your favorite food and some friends and have a picnic. Make sure to bring your polaroid camera as well, so you can keep the memories forever.


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