TikTok Took Over My Life

Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives. We are consumed by Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so on, but the biggest consumption of our souls is the ever-growing phenomena: TikTok.

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TikTok is often compared to the old video app Vine, but the two differ as much as they are alike. TikTok is a brainless app like Vine where you just scroll through and watch random videos of people dancing, singing, putting on skits, etc. However on Vine, it was more of people making skits than dancing and singing (from what I can remember from my 11-year-old self). 

TikTok is the new generation of Vine as people strive for perfection and try to make their videos aesthetically pleasing even if it takes two hours to make a 10-second clip. It also occupies viewers’ minds for hours without them knowing how much time has gone by. Some videos can be extremely dumb while others can be extremely funny or moving. But that leaves the question of why has TikTok become the addiction that has taken over so many lives?

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Studies show that kids these days have a shorter attention span due to technology that allows people of all ages to become easily ensconsed and enthralled with something as silly as TikTok. These short videos don’t require much thought which makes the appeal even greater. TikTok is a great distraction from life itself, especially when you just want to procrastinate.

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TikTok is filled with teens who use it as an escape from their daily lives, whether that be them watching or creating content. TikTok has a major variety of videos that contain makeup tutorials, good workouts, the Renegade dance, Charli D’Amelio, funny skits, challenges and the list goes on. 

TikTok ensures there is something for everyone on there and the app continues to get millions addicted, one by one. But one thing everyone should know before watching is once you start, you may never stop.

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