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Things Single Girls Are Sick of Hearing

I admit it. I’m that “perpetually single” friend. That one girl whose other friends always give pitying glances to when with their significant others. That one girl who spends her Valentine’s Day watching Mean Girls, while enviously looking at pictures on Facebook of her friends going on adorable dates. That one girl who seems to have everything else in her life together, but just can’t find “the one.”

Being single can be hard enough. But sometimes the “advice” from your non-single friends can send you over the edge. Or sometimes it’s the wise words from people who don’t really know you that really makes you want to freak. Here are the annoying things that single girls are SICK of hearing.

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend? Um if I found someone, I probably wouldn’t be single. But thanks for making me feel like something is wrong with me for being single.“Stop thinking about it. It’ll happen when you least expect it.”I’ve been “not expecting it” for months. Sometimes I can go weeks without thinking about it! But you don’t know how difficult it is to constantly not think about it. And then once I start “thinking about it” again, I beat myself up about it because, hey, I’m supposed to find somebody when “I’m not expecting it.” Whoops!“You have to love yourself before someone else can.”There is truth in this quote. But let me ask you this, did YOU love yourself completely before finding your current boyfriend? I already have enough insecurities about myself, and trust me, I’m working on them everyday. You’re making me feel insecure about feeling insecure. When people say this to me, I can’t help but think Why do I have to change to be loved by somebody? What’s wrong with how I am now?

“You need to work on improving yourself.”Trust me. I am. I spend every single day focusing on improving myself. I have straights As in my classes. I take care of my body. I work. I’m involved in extra curricular activities. Please, I probably have more of my life together than 90% of people in relationships out there. So don’t dare tell me to “improve myself.”

“You need to put yourself out there more.”So first you tell me to stop looking and that the right person will show up when I “least expect it.” Now you’re telling me to put myself out there more? 

(Me) “But I’m pretty, right?” (Them) “Yes, but you need to be more than just pretty to attract a guy.Thanks for suggesting that my personality sucks. 

“If you want to attract somebody, you need to stop acting so desperate.My life literally revolves around not looking desperate. The whole reason I’m ranting to you about being single is that I keep my feelings inside of me all the time, because nobody wants to be that “desperate single girl.” Whether it’s by acting busy all the time, or waiting an hour to text a guy back, I’ve mastered this whole “not looking desperate” thing. 

“Guys might think that you don’t want a boyfriend. You need to be more approachable. Act like the kind of girl who would be down to go on a date.”Sigh. You tell me not to act desperate, and now you suggest “well, maybe just a little…” 

“You’re just too picky.”First off all, there’s nothing wrong with being picky. Second of all, unless you count ignoring guys that you don’t know who message you on Facebook asking if you want to “chill” as being picky, I wasn’t aware that I was. It’s not like I have long line of guys, just waiting for me to go out with them.

“Stop looking. My current boyfriend just kind of showed up.”Cool. Congrats to you! We’re not all that lucky. Sorry, I’m not going to act like Repunzel, sitting up in her castle, waiting for her prince to save her.

(From older people) “Shut up. You’re only *insert age* You shouldn’t be worried about a boyfriend at your age. Kids these days…”Well that makes me feel great. No really. I’m bursting with happiness. 

“Don’t worry about it! I know people who didn’t date until they were 28.”Mmm. Because this makes me feel hopeful.

“Don’t worry about it. Being single is FUN!”Says the girl who is not single. Although, this is true.

“You need to just hookup with guys.”I’ve tried this. Being that “sexually liberated single woman” is fun for like, a night. But being ignored around campus from your ex-hookup, and watching him flirt with other girls right in front of you? Yeah, that’s a ton of fun.

“Who cares. All boys suck anyway.”This is pretty depressing. And probably not true.

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