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The Five Best Places to take LinkedIn Photos in D.C.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.
  1. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is one of the best places to take professional photos, especially in the Spring when the weather and sunshine are in your favor! Posing amongst the columns, and following in the footsteps of icons such as the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the new Justice Kentaji Jackson Brown, is an excellent way to market your potential and visualize yourself in powerful roles.

  1. The Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is an incredible place to take photos because of how large and monumental it is.  There are many different areas to pose in front of on the exterior of the building, and while some parts are off-limits, most of the stairways and paths are open to the public. It’s a photo that will hold a lot of history, both positive and negative, and will demonstrate the place you want to occupy in history that has yet to be made.

  1. The National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is one of the most fun options for professional photos. Not only are there plenty of benches, marble walls, and other backgrounds that would make for a very calculated profile photo, additionally there are countless formidable and powerful women depicted in the Gallery. If you want to be the next Supreme Court Justice, or you want to paint like Amy Sherald, what better place to market yourself than in the halls that they are featured in? 

  1. Dumbarton Oaks

Dumbarton Oaks is certainly an interesting place to visit in the District. It’s both a museum and garden, featuring beautiful architecture and nature. Located in Georgetown, Dumbarton Oaks is easily accessible and also presents an opportunity to admire some of the art that they have amassed over the years.

  1. American University’s School of Communications (McKinley)

If staying close to home sounds like the best option, AU’s McKinley building (home to the School of Communications) is one of the most photogenic spots on campus. The columns, steps, and beautiful florals outside, along with the interesting mix of old and new architecture, make this an excellent spot to take professional photos.

Hannah is a senior at American University. She's studying political science with a focus on race and gender in politics. She loves writing and baking, and can typically be found with a large iced coffee and a pair of knitting needles.