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We have reached the end of the Spring 2022 semester. For many students, they may have had a fun semester, or they may be facing academic pressure. To help or celebrate your Spring 2022 semester, here are a few final week suggestions to keep calm during the final exam week at the end of this semester.

  1. Homework Outside

Get your picnic table, laptop and snacks and write on campus. As you work, a change of scenery allows your body to transition from indoor to outdoor environments. 

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Original photo by Yutong Deng
  1. Meet Your Friends

When you take a break from work and meet up with your friends, they give you extra energy. When you talk to your friends, you can catch up or share your stories with them. Shifting the scene will also help with stress relief.

  1. Movement and Stillness

We need to pay more attention to our physical and mental health. Appropriate exercise (eg, running, bench press, tennis, etc.) and meditation may help calm your mind, allow you to focus better, or reduce your stress. But be careful not to overtrain, as you will need more energy to focus on your studies during the final week.

  1. Finally, Congratulate Yourself

At the end of the semester, and when you’re finished, might as well reward yourself or celebrate that you’re about to or have done your most recent work. You can reward yourself with a piece of cake or ice cream, get10+ hours of sleep or go play squash with friends. Rewarding yourself or celebrating yourself will make you proud to finish the semester!

There have been trials and tribulations returning to campus full-time for the first time in nearly two years. At the end of the day remember to take care of yourself to make sure you finish this semester strong and congratulate yourself!

Yutong is a junior student at American University in Washington, D.C., and is on HCAU's Design Team. Majoring in International Studies and minoring in Communication, Yutong enjoys writing about environmental sustainability, mental health, and gender issues. She likes traveling around the world, skating, and skiing.
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