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‘The Bridge’ Pop up has AU Students Head’s in the Clouds

Karlee Zolman 

Student run coffee lounge, The Bridge, just finished their newest week-long pop-up, “Head In The Clouds.” 

The Bridge Cafe is a staple  at American University with good coffee and even better music. Senior, Jessa Munis, calls the cafe, “A little chaotic, but a good place to hang with friends.” 

Past pop-ups include halloween and valentines day with themed drinks and decor to draw in new customers, and give a new experience to regulars. 

Their “Head in the Clouds” pop-up is truly a college student’s dream and was a huge success at AU..

The popular account, Stool American, even tweeted, “AU should let the Bridge workers redesign Letts and Leonard (AU Dorms) while they’re at.” The account proceeded to call The Bridge the “Better on-campus coffee spot,” via instagram. 

Many students agree with Stool American. When asked to choose between the two on campus coffee spots: The Dav and The Bridge, freshman, Grace Lang, said, “For me it’s The Bridge. I just love the vibe and the fact that there’s more room for people to do work and hang out. I can always count on running into someone I know, and I’ve made so many friends throughout the year just from spending time there.”

The “vibe” is a huge selling point for this on campus coffee shop and the new pop-up gave students an even more unique experience. 

Dreamy and cozy are two common words that students use to describe The Bridge’s pop up aesthetic. The ceiling is covered in fluffy clouds, LED lights set a dreamy mood, and special touches like a mirror and polaroid camera for photos are everywhere. 

“I went almost every day last week because the atmosphere was so relaxing,” said Lang. 

Beyond the new aesthetic, new drinks are included in the pop-up as well. Some of these include a strawberry matcha topped with pocky and a mocha latte topped with a smore. 

A crowd favorite is Arielles Shampoo, a sparkling strawberry lemonade served with strawberry slices and a lemon slice. “I must’ve gotten it 4 times, it’s so good,” said Lang. 

The pop-up ended with free shirts, drinks, and mugs that showed off the pop-ups logo. 

Lang sums up many students’ opinions, saying, “I’m obsessed! I can’t believe they put all of it up in a day. It looked so professional with all the decorations and the pop up menu.”

Karlee Zolman

American '24

Karlee (she/her) is a second year student at American University, double majoring in Journalism and Justice and Law. This is Karlee's first year as a Feature Writer for HerCampus at AU. In her free time, Karlee enjoys writing, dancing and spending time by the beach!
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