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Tavern Tenders ’14

Name: Tendahhh

Year: I’ve been here since Judge Judy was a student here

Major/minor: I’m still trying to figure it out, but Chemistry of Cooking was my favorite class so far!

Hometown: The Tav

Relationship Status: It’s complicated with curly fries

Activities you’re involved in on campus: I’m trying to get involved in Student Government. Writing in Tenders for SG Vice President! Also, Mass Ave Walk Sign for President – we’re ticketing together.

Guilty pleasure: … salad

Pet Peeve: When people can’t figure out how to use the soda machines in the Tav

Biggest Fear: Oblivion

Hobbies/ Interest: Exercising, traveling the world, and reading romance novels

Dream Job: Being served to Neil Kerwin

Celebrity Crush: Ronald McDonald

Three words to describe you: Delicious, beloved, and really-really-ridiculously-good-looking

** Photos and report by Michaela Brown **

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