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Sydney Mineer ’15

Name: Sydney Marie Mineer

Hometown: Mays Landing, New Jersey

Major(s): Literature & Print Journalism

Relationship status: Single

How would you describe yourself in three words: Friendly, funny and bubbly  

Spirit celebrity: Kevin Spacey

Which emojis most accurately sum you up? The information desk girl and the see-no-evil monkey!

Which activities are you involved in on campus? I’m in the professional, co-ed cinema fraternity, DKA

What are some of your favorite spots in D.C.? There’s a great used bookstore in DuPont called Second Story Books that I go to before work sometimes. I also love Kramer’s and Bethesda Row Cinema.

Favorite place you ever traveled: London. I studied abroad there, and it ruined my life because I fell in love with it and think about going back there all the time. I was an Anglophile before I even went abroad and now I’m like an Anglophile on steroids.

 What are five movies you’d like to have on a desert island? Beauty And The Beast, Midnight in Paris, Star Wars Episode V, The Way Way Back, The Philadelphia Story and Runners Up

What are five books you’d like to have on a desert island? I’m a fan of the National Treasure books, Picture of Dorian Grey and Mrs. Dalloway. I’d have to take my personal favoite, the complete works of Shakespeare. I’d also like to have The Blue Bistro and Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

What’s one beauty product you couldn’t live without? Mascara.

If you were the star of the movie who would you want to be your costar? This is really random, but I think it would be Zach Braff. He seems like a really cool guy, I liked his movies, and he seems like he would be fun to work with. I’m also obsessed with his bromance with Donald Faison.

If you had to go on a date with a famous person from history, who would it be? I would totally go out with Fitzgerald. I love the 20s and he would take me out for drinks and dancing. 

What will you miss most about AU after you graduate? Always having the possibility of running into friends on campus and being in such close proximity to all my friends. I feel like they’re so accessible now in a way that they probably never will be again.


Current senior in the School of Communications, chia seed enthusiast, and aspiring television writer.
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