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Sydney Merin ’15

Name: Sydney Merin

Age: 20

Major: Business Administration

Year: Sophomore ’15

Hometown: Goshen, New York

Relationship Status: Taken

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Realistic, awkward, silly

Your Favorite Words or Phrases: “Awkward” and “uch”

Style: J.Crew and Madewell. I worked at J.Crew last summer and spend more than I made. Oops.

Ideal Guy: Someone I can be a complete fool with. I’d be comfortable around him with I don’t have to worry about the little things but can let loose. He obviously has to be able to make me laugh all the time, even when I don’t want to.

Ideal Date: Anything adventurous or just outside in general. A walk on the beach and then a picnic. I know it is so simple but there’s something about simplicity and dates that I just love.

Favorite Memory at AU: Bid Night 2012

Favorite Thing to do in DC: Exploring new museums and places in DC when I have free time. I can walk around the Newseum for hours.

Hobbies and Interests: Snowboarding, taking walks, travelling, cooking and baking. I love to bake and try new things I find on Pinterest.

Little Known Fact: I am extremely good with remember dates and what happened when.

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