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Subtle Habits That Can Hurt Your Interview

It’s the start of the second semeter, and many collegiates are preparing to interview for jobs and internships. You’ve talked to counselors, and your friends have read your resume more than you care to admit. But before you land that coveted position, you still need to pass the interview stage. These three subtle movements can undermine your interview, no matter how good your communication skills are. If you are aware of these three habits, you can show confidence in your interview and land that dream job.

Looking Down

The number one thing you want to portray is confidence. Looking down is a sign of insecurity and a lack of confidence. Be sure to look at your interviewer in the eye, which shows you’re engaged and able to interact well with others. 

Playing With Your Hands

Playing with your hands, whether it’s wringing them, picking your nails, or any habit, can portray nervousness. Giving yourself an incentive to stop, like getting a manicure, is a good motivation to quit your habit!

Bounce Your Legs

People shake your legs for a variety of reasons: excitability, nervousness, boredom, etc. Regardless, there are better ways to show your enthusiasm, like being engaged and interacting with your emplyer. Crossing your legs or ankles are also a good way to control your nervous habits. 

Now you’re ready to show your skills and ace that interview!

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