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Studying Abroad: A Perspective From Home

The first five minutes of checking social media:

This semester will be different, but different isn’t always bad right?  Even though I chose to wait until the spring to go abroad and will be spending this entire semester in anticipation of its end, it will be worth it. Okay, the library is in a little worse shape that I remembered but I think I can do this. Seriously who are all of these people? I feel old, is 20 old? Do the freshmen look like me or do I just look like a freshman? Okay enough people-watching, back to Facebook. Okay cool, it looks like everyone who is abroad has started a blog and the name of each blog is addressing the fact that they’re fulfilling the stereotype of making an abroad blog– ha, clever guys. 

The next five minutes of checking social media:

Man, I’m running out of things to put on Instagram. Look at all of these pictures everyone is posting from somewhere that isn’t a classroom. It’s like my profile gets progressively more boring the longer I am at school. Does anyone go to class when they’re abroad? This is something I should look into. Okay, time for class. 

The last five minutes of checking social media:

Is it just me or is Facebook 10 times more appealing when you have work to do? I can’t tell if this is going to turn around and become less appealing when all of these pictures start to blend into each other.  Do you think if I waste so much time procrastinating by looking at all of these pictures that I’ll forget to fill out my own study abroad application? This is something I would do, this is something I should consider. Oh no, I just made eye contact with my professor it’s been four months since I’ve been in class. How am I supposed to remember to not look at my phone?

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