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Structured Totes: The Go-To Handbag for Spring

Spring is beginning to grace us with its presence, and it seems like everyone is stepping up their fashion game. One trend that has been popular this season is a sturdy structured tote bag. A fashionable tote can be a statement piece added to an otherwise simple outfit, like a white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and sandals. Or, rather, it can be the cherry on top of an outfit that is already very trendy, like the one shown above.

How do we know what to look for when it comes to finding the best “SST’s” or “structured spring totes?”

It is necessary to examine three factors of any SST: color, pattern and texture. Different types of totes will determine which type of look you are striving for.


Colored totes can bring a high fashion element to a spring outfit because you are in a sense “color blocking,” which means having multiple solid colors in one outfit to create a unique look. However, a colored tote can also add a unique touch to a simple outfit such as a denim on denim look, t-shirt and jeans, etc. They give the look an “effortlessly chic” vibe that we often see celebrities rocking.


Patterned totes are popular during the spring season especially because so many have flowers, butterflies, and other items related to spring pictured on them. These types of bags are better suited for simpler outfits because they already have a lot going on, so adding them to an already busy outfit will make the look overly busy and also take away from the style of the bag. Some outfits that could go well with this bag is a denim skirt with a t-shirt and white sneakers or sandals, cute solid shorts with a dressier white or pastel pink chiffon type shirt. Consider pairing these bags with a simple outfit and your favorite sunglasses.

Textured totes are perfect if you’re trying to add a boho chic element to your springtime look. The white fringe bag pictured above adds a bohemian touch to what was already a chic bag; this may work well with neutral colors in a structured outfit, adding some flare to complete the look.  The brightly colored, geometric bag combines all three factors, but not in an overpowering way. The bag clearly has texture with the fringe and the way the different colors are displayed. These types of bags are perfect for a springtime shopping spree, a day of running errands, or a daytime lunch date.

These bags are perfect for girls who tend to carry their whole lives in their purses, but also want to take their outfits to the next level. Spring is a great time to experiment with bright colors and patterns, and handbags are the perfect place to start. 


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