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Stephanie Dudek ’17

Name: Stephanie Dudek

Hometown: Straight outta the D(etroit) aka Beverly Hills, California, aka Beverly Hills, Michigan

Major: History

Relationship status: Married to the streets

What are you involved in on campus: Peer Health Exchange (I’m an educator), DC Reads, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and I volunteer at Sibley Hospital. I’m on a break from that though, because I broke my ninth rib on my left side. Fun fact.

What’s something people don’t know about you: I own every Harry Potter Lego set that’s been made and they’re on display in my living room at home. I actually have two sets of the Knight Bus because my sister stepped on the first one, and I had to wait 10 years to get another.

(This Campus Cutie loves to travel…pictured above at the Eiffel Tower in Paris!)

Favorite dance move: The finger guns, TM Stephanie Dudek. If you see me around campus, shout it out and I’ll do it.

Dream job: I used to want to be a Michigan State cheerleader, because I thought it was a real profession, while simultaneously being an elementary school art teacher. Now…I just want to be alive.

(Baby Stephanie dresses up for Halloween – a Michigan State cheerleader)

Guilty pleasure: O. M. G. Chocolate? High School Musical?

Favorite ’80s song: Ok, can I do like…top three? “Take On Me,” “Pictures of You,” “Sweet Dreams.” There are a lot more but YOU LIMITED ME TO THREE, TANVI. Wait, add ’80s music to my guilty pleasure.

Current favorite song: I’m torn between “Global Concepts” and “My Neck, My Back” – please do not listen to either unless you are at least 15 or older. Disclaimer to the youths out there.

Most embarrassing moment: It’s really hard to embarrass me, because I do a lot of embarrassing things

(Doing something embarrassing)

Favorite pickup line: The Harry Potter Slytherin ones. They really just all make me laugh out loud. (Writer’s Note: The lines are all about the Chamber of Secrets and basilisks, and I don’t feel comfortable putting it on the Internet.)

Your one true love: Chocolate. And Greek food. And my mom. And my yiayia. That’s four true loves, but whatever.

(Greek pride)

If you could have brunch with anyone who would it be: Jackie O! (Writer’s Note: She really wanted to say that she’d like to have brunch with me.)

Your worst Buzzfeed quiz result: That the off-brand breakfast cereal I am is “Cocoa Crunchies,” which is actually really good so joke’s on you, Buzzfeed.

If you could make anyone you know a Campus Cutie, who would it be: You, Tanvi. Obviously. 


(Writer & Cutie looking serious and hot at Founder’s Day 2015)

Photo Credit: All photos belong to Stephanie Dudek

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