The Stage Performers You Didn’t See Coming—YouTubers!

YouTubers have been seen as unconventional entertainers since the website first launched back in 2005. These creators have been carving out their own little niches into the world for years, where they have been quietly but steadily developing their own successful fanbases. This success has led many of these content creators to take on interesting ventures like performing on stage for their fans. While the types of shows vary, these are only a few of the YouTubers who have ventured into reality.


  1. Achievement Hunter with Let’s Play Live


Achievement Hunter (AH) is a subgroup of the larger YouTube channel, Rooster Teeth. AH initially began as a way for founder Geoff Ramsey to share his love of gaming with the internet. What started as a project for one back in 2008, has now evolved into multiple channels with a combined 4.7 million subscribers and over 20 employees. Achievement Hunter mostly posts videos of themselves playing video games with comedic commentary, and they took their unique brand of entertainment to the stage about two years ago. Fans buy out their shows so they can see the unique brand of AH humor and see the guys play their favorite games live. The night is filled with comedy, games, theatrics and community as fans meet people who are just like themselves.


2. Dan and Phil with The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire



Dan Howell of danisnotonfire and Phil Lester of AmazingPhil are the comedy duo with a legion of loyal fans that many would kill for. While they have separate channels, these best friends have built a brand around their friendship. They have a combined 14.5 million subscribers who tune in weekly for their nerdy and sweet personalities and completely random videos. While their live shows recently ended, they consisted of Q&A’s, challenges, dancing and plenty of audience interaction!


 3. Miranda Sings World Tour


Miranda Sings is a character played by vocal coach to the stars, Colleen Ballinger. Miranda recently got her own show on Netflix, which adds to her audience of over 11 million, and she is currently one of the most sought-after YouTubers in Hollywood because of her immense talent and huge comedic chops. Miranda and Colleen have been performing across the world for years. They take the stage for a night of comedy, singing (both good and bad) and a lot of audience participation!


4. Troye Sivan


Troye Sivan may be a current singing sensation, but he started off doing very different things on YouTube. Troye used to post challenges, reactions, and other vlog style content to his channel before he acted on his true passion—singing. Troye now tours the world performing his popular album, Blue Neighbourhood.


While you may think what can a YouTuber possibly offer me with a live show, you may be surprised. There is a YouTuber for every interest and every person—so maybe give it a try!

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