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As the spring break countdown begins, people are packing, planning and anxiously waiting for their plans to start. Whether it is waiting in the airport, driving a car, or riding a train, everyone could use a go-to playlist to start their spring break off right.

1. ‘Sucker’ – Jonas Brothers   

Yes, finally! I know we are all fangirling over this reunion that we have been waiting for since 2010. This pump up song will always put you in a good mood since the Jo Bro’s take us back to simpler times as kids. 

2.  ‘Mr. Brightside’ – The Killers 

An oldie but a goodie this rocker song is hard not to sing along to with friends! It’s a song where you can scream to at the top of your lungs and feel so free. Everyone knows this song and it will be a good surprise to other people when you play it. 

3.  ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ – Kid Cudi 

Happiness is in the title so it has to be a good song, right? This song is a vibe. It makes you feel relaxed and like everything will work out and be ok. We don’t need those stressful vibes especially during a school break. This song will definitely put you in a good mood even if you weren’t before. 

4. ‘StraightJacket’ – Quinn XCII 

As an artist that is “one to watch,” Quin 92 is on the rise. His unique sound will mix up your playlist. This song has a great beat and one you can bop your head to!

5. ‘Talk That Talk’ – Rihanna ft. Jayz

Rihanna is always a staple in any playlist. This collab was definitely one for the books! This sassy club vibe song will have you up and dancing. 

6. ‘Money’ – Cardi B 

Cardi B knows how to pump any girl up, “OKurrrrr!” Money is a great song to boost your confidence and show people what you’re made of during this spring break! 

7. ‘Burn the House Down’ – AJR 

This song was made famous by David Dobrik’s vlogs. With a prominent drum beat and trumpet flare this song will spice up your playlist with this carefree song. 

8. ‘Power’ – Kanye 

Old school Kanye is always a good idea. The background singing makes you feel like you are at a hype sporting event and will definitely get your friends excited before the party. This song will bring out your inner anger and passion (in a good way). 

9.  ‘High Hopes’ – Panic! At the Disco 

This song never gets old and always puts you in a good mood. From the band that brought you ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies,’ you already know you are gonna rock out and dance like crazy to this song. 

10. ‘Come Get Her’- Rae Sremmurd   

This Atlanta-based duo are always a time when they are on the queue. Their trap anthem makes anyone ready for the club and a great sing along to bring out your inner sexiness. 

Music always boosts people’s moods. Even if your not gonna be on a beach this spring break, as long as you have good friends and music nothing else will matter.



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Emily Gallant is a Freshman at American University. She is currently studying Communications: Tv and Media Studies with a minor in graphic design. In her free time she loves writing about pop culture, food, fashion and animals!
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