Singing Talent: Samantha Young

Her Campus American University: When did you start singing?

Samantha Young: I started singing in eighth grade when I started to learn guitar.

HCAU: What venue would you like to play at someday?

SY: I would love to play at Club Passim in Cambridge. All the great folk singers of the past 50 years have played there, and I’d love to add my name to the ranks.

HCAU: Would you ever consider being in a band?

SY: I’ve been in my fair share of bands. When I was 15/16 [years old], I sang lead vocals in a band called Cartography. We were kinda post-hardcore. We were pretty good! We even wrote and recorded an EP that never saw the light of day, unfortunately. We also never got the chance to perform. Then, during my junior year of high school, my friend and I formed an experimental/jam band called Push the Antelope, and we played a few shows, most notably my high school’s Battle of the Bands. We didn’t place… still bitter about that. Since coming to AU, I periodically play with my band Full Vulture. We don’t have a defined genre, but it’s some sort of comedic rock. Not sure when we’ll play a show, but keep your eye out for us…

HCAU: What instrument(s) do you play?

SY: At this point, I mostly sing and play guitar. I also know how to play the piano and the flute, though. I also have a mandolin… with no clue how to play. If anyone knows, hmu…

HCAU: What was the first concert you attended?

SY: The first concert I ever went to was Green Day in the eighth grade I believe. They played at the TD Garden in Boston. It ignited a passion in me to one day play an area which confetti rained down upon me!

HCAU: Do you write any of your own songs?

SY: Yes! I’ve written songs with all the bands I’ve been in and of course I have my own EP out. It’s almost two years old at this point, so I’ll have to put out another soon... It’s available for FREE download!

HCAU: What is your favorite song to cover?

SY: I love doing a rendition of "Touch Me, I’m Going to Scream Part 2" by My Morning Jacket. It’s on my soundcloud, check it out!

All photos belong to Samantha Young