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Sex and Body Positive YouTubers You Should Check Out

Amidst the chaos that has been 2020, we are blessed to be in an age where body and sex positivity are more appreciated and talked about than ever before. As college students, we’re always looking for ways to give ourselves the love and appreciation we deserve. If you need a picker-upper or a daily dose of female empowerment, here are some fabulous ladies who’s content you should check out!

jazzy le

Jazzy Le is a 20-year-old Vietnamese-American student from California and currently a junior at San Diego State University. Her channel has been active since 2014 as she initially started as more of a self-care, DIY vlogger, but her content has matured over time and now has 410K loyal subscribers. 

Jazzy’s college content is the highlight of her channel as she touches upon feeling insecure about her small breasts, dealing with her Asian heritage in a white-washed YouTube community and tips for dealing with dating, romance and sex.


Known as the self-proclaimed “big sis leading by example”, Dani Carbonari is a 27-year-old plus size model from Illinois who currently resides in California. Her channel has been active since 2018 and she currently has 397K subscribers. Her content features a lot of try-on hauls in which she goes about styling for specific body types (for my pear shaped women out there, you’ll definitely be in luck–she has your body type!), but also a chat series with her fellow curvy, beautiful friends where they chat about loving your body, experiences with self-love and, of course, how to be a confident, bad bitch.


The “veteran hoe” herself, Miia Kinnunen is a 20-year-old stripper from Singapore with 655K subscribers. Ever since the release of her first videos in 2016 (including a viral tiff with Melanie Martinez), Miia has made her channel a comfortable place to talk about sex and relationships. There is also a vulnerability to her content as she does not shy away from talking about her personal life, whether it’d be about her teen pregnancy or dealing with cheating. She is not afraid of telling it like it is, and we love to see it.

Riley J. Dennis

If you’re interested in learning about sexual identity and trans positivity, look no further than Riley J. Dennis. Riley is a 27-year-old trans woman who has been uploading content on her channel since 2016. With 101K subscribers, her videos strive to educate about what it means to be a trans woman in America and how body positivity plays a huge role in her sexuality and identifying as a lesbian. She also goes in depth about the portrayal of queer relationships in media, more specifically in television.

Cydnee Black

Cydnee Black is a 28-year-old Black freelance makeup artist from Colorado who currently resides in California. She started her channel back in 2013 under the name Cydbeats, but seven years later she is thriving with 1.1M subscribers and thousands of views on her videos. Her videos are mainly makeup orientated, but there are times where she talks about issues regarding her own image, from her naturally blue eyes to getting face fillers to accepting her hyper-pigmentation. She even talks about the struggles of being in an interracial marriage and how she’s overcome them. 

It is important to remember that societal standards should not dictate how women should act in today’s world. The women mentioned in this article are all striving to express themselves through the content that they produce in hopes that someone will be inspired by them. We commend them for their efforts and we can’t wait to see where they go next.

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