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On A Sensual Note: AU’s All Male A Cappella Group

Most people would assume that campus is silent at 11:00 p.m. on a Wednesday, but the Kay Spiritual Life Center isn’t. Here you can find AU’s all male a cappella group On A Sensual Note in “rehearsal.” The boys were kind enough to let me sit in on rehearsal, interview some senior members, and record an exclusive preview of Novacane (see the video below!). President Ryan Partelow ’12, Marketing Director José Morales ’13, and soloist Aubrey Maslen ’13 recalled their experiences in OASN.

From left to right: José Morales, Ryan Partelow and Aubrey Maslen.

The three of them are some of OASN’s most senior members and have all been in the group for over three years. When asked about their motives for joining the group, they all cited their love of music. José mentioned the allure of a cappella as a reason for auditioning, while Ryan and Aubrey were searching for a musical outlet where they could express themselves.

During their time in OASN, the boys recalled some of their favorite routines, including a Frosty the Snow Man mash-up, Fallin’ by Alicia Keys, and a Kanye West mash-up. “I think we sound the most sensual when we do R&B,” Aubrey said. “I like the hip-hop and modern R&B stuff because we’re the whitest kids you know. You wouldn’t think we sound good on it, but we surprisingly do,” Ryan said as he agreed with Aubrey.

OASN is more than an a cappella group; it is also a family, or as José says “a smart phone.” Even when they are in practice together, they are always texting and tweeting to each other, taking pictures, and posting on each other’s Facebook walls. “We’ll spend some time learning a song, and the process is such a struggle to get everyone on the same accord when learning a part. The only time we’re all silent is when we’re grooving and into a song,” Aubrey said.

Along with its on campus shows, OASN has performed throughout DC and in various other cities. “We’ve done some really cool gigs. We’ve got to flirt with the rich and powerful and beautiful of Washington,” José said. Last winter they performed at the White House and were enamored to find out that they were just invited back for this holiday season as well. However, they all unanimously agreed that their highlight of each year is always going on #SpringTour, what they have titled the group’s Spring Break.

Aside from the fact that they are an all male group, OASN is very unique in comparison to the other a cappella groups on campus. If you have ever been to one of its individual shows, you know there is more to it than just singing. The boys like to incorporate skits and audience involvement to make it an entertaining experience, rather than just a performance. Personally, there is no event on campus that I like more than an OASN show because it is a guaranteed good time.

On A Sensual Note performed an exclusive song for us—check it out!

To have an unforgettable experience with the guys in ties, join them in the Kay Spiritual Life Center on Sunday, October 21 at 1:30 p.m. To see more amazing performances, visit the On A Sensual Note YouTube Page.  

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