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Senior Spotlight: Wyatt Foster

Wyatt Foster has been a part of Her Campus at American University since her freshman year of college in the fall 2018. She started out as a writer, beame involved in HCAU’s podcast MissEducation, and a year later becoming a Multimedia Director. She is graduating from American University in three years (overachiever) this semester with a degree in International Studies as a Global Scholar. I was lucky to speak with Wyatt and reflect about her college experiences and her time at HCAU.    

How would you describe yourself in three words? 

“I would describe myself as kind, curious, and adventurous.”  

I might add, the baddest bitch I know. 

Who most inspires you?

“Really all women inspire me, it’s hard to pick just one.”

Favorite place on campus?

“Probably the Health Promotion and Advocacy Center (HPAC) Office.”

Favorite movie, TV show, or book?

“My favorite movie is “Fantastic Mr. Fox” for sure.”

What have you been involved with on campus?

“I am a health promotion intern on campus with our HPAC and OASIS offices, a member of the Global Scholars cohort, and secretary of Leading Women of Tomorrow.”

So, as I said previously, an overachiever.

What is your favorite college memory? 

“My favorite college memory is living with my roommate Hannah.”

What are your plans for after graduation? 

“A classic question. I am planning to work in intercultural communicatins with Baobab Consulting, a Senegalese consulting firm.” 

What has being a part of HCAU meant to you? 

“I like that its pushed me to research things that I wouldn’t have taken the time to look into otherwise but have always wanted to. I also love the podcast and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to pursue directing a podcast otherwise. I also love the people, all the women in this organization are just so cool.”

What do you love about being the Multimedia Director for HCAU? 

“One thing I love about producing the podcast is being able to work with a small team and listen to everyone’s perspectives.”

Favorite HCAU article?

“Let’s Talk About Female Pleasure.”

One of my favorites too.

What is one piece of advice you want to give to all other future AU graduates and HCAU members? 

“Don’t get too wrapped up in the competitive culture of college. Don’t force yourself to be exhausted for the social clout of doing everything and being tired all the time.”

Wyatt would always say “just enjoy life.”

Oh and also to reject capitalism.

Thank you so much Wyatt for all the hard work, creativity, and talent that you have brought to HCAU. We are going to miss your passion, dedication, and positivity. We are so excited to see what the next chapter of life brings you and we wish you the best! HCXO

Hannah Andress

American '21

Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus American. Currently an undergraduate student at American University involved in the Global Scholars program studying International Studies and Arabic. Preferred gender pronouns are she/her/hers. Her interests include national security, women in politics, international human and civil rights, and creating an impact that is long-lasting and sustainable.
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