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See Taylor Swift As a Maid of Honor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Being an MOH is a big deal. It means that the bride thinks that you are not only the most important friend she has, but also the one she wants you to be standing next to her on her big day. Taylor Swift was given this honor, but not by a current A-list celebrity, super model or any other member of her #squad; this gorgeous wedding belonged to Taylor’s childhood BFF from Pennsylvania, Britany Maack (now, LaManna!). Not only is being your childhood BFF’s MOH completely adorable, but it’s really sweet to know that Taylor has maintained such deep relationships with her hometown friends despite her immense fame and fortune.

Oh, and she did all of this right after her incredibly successful 1989 World Tour where she played 85 shows in seven months in 11 countries. Why? Because Tay $wizle is killing it.

She attended the beautiful, effortlessly romantic, gold-splattered wedding wearing a beautiful blush pink chiffon dress with gold lace. In the wedding video below you can see how she was just another guest at this hometown wedding–yet it’s still pretty cool to have Taylor Swift at your wedding.

And can we talk about how cool it is to have one of the most colorful, prolific pop-song writers write your MOH speech?? She casually mentions an elementary school memory with the bride and groom, then throws in how Britany was her date to the Grammys (casual).

Watch the full wedding video HERE!

Also, regardless if you worship Tay or dislike her…

…She’s still the only major female solo performer that actually sells music – not her body.

She’s someone every little girl can look up to for her generosity, positive spirit and pro-women attitude.


Erin McGoff is a Junior at American University majoring in Film & Media Arts with a minor in Marketing. She grew up in Maryland as the youngest of six kids and sang in her family band growing up. She's dangerously obsessed with her dogs, Gatsby & Ruby, smoked salmon and folksy indie-rock. She spends most of her freetime watching SNL re-runs and writing her blog.