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Scream Queens: AU Schools Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

A major part of being at AU is showing pride for your school. You work hard every day with papers, tests, midterms, and more, but you love the rush of learning things you are actually interested to you. Nothing gives you a better feeling, except maybe escaping the clutches of the notorious Red Devil killer. Since he’s got his hands pretty tied up with KKT at Wallace University, here’s your chance to learn which Scream Queens character you would be here at AU!

If you are in CAS, then you are Chanel #3.

You are wise beyond your years, and always rambling on about something no one seems to understand. You have a variety of interests from pop culture, to feminism, to murderers. You tend not to show many emotions, but only because you are protecting those around you from being obsessed with you. You hold a few secrets from your friends, but it’s only because if they knew the truth, they’d think you’re the Red Devil and that’s sooooo not true. Right? 

If you are in SIS, then you are Chanel #5. 

You are constantly stressed AF, but you make it look effortless. You somehow manage to juggle school, your personal life, and hellish demands from Chanel. You are definitely underappreciated, because no one seems to know what you are going through. Keep your head up, we all know who the real queen of KKT is! *wink wink* It’s YOU.

If you are in SOC, then you are Grace.

You are smart, sharp, and curious. You want to know the truth about the world around you…even if it’s a bit bloody. You don’t mind investigating a lead, because you know that not everyone tells the whole story. You look out for your friends, especially when they get kidnapped by the Red Devil. You know how to stay focused, especially when under a lot of pressure. And after all is said and done, nothing can get you down. Not midterms, long papers, or even a masked serial killer.

If you are in SPA, then you are Zayday.

You are sassy, hard-working, and have brains for days. You love being with your friends, and have big dreams for yourself. You are going to be the president one day, and you know that the first step to making that dream happen starts with college. You might have to share the presidency of KKT for a while, but you aren’t going to let that stop you from doing a good job. You know how to keep your cool, even in the worst of situations, like having too many assignments due or getting kidnapped by the Red Devil. Basically you are an unstoppable, and hella-stylish, supernova.

If you are in Kogod, then you are Chanel.

You’re smart, and a little bit intimidating. You know what you want and exactly how to get it. You are cunning, but you also have a heart of gold. No one dresses better than you, not for lack of trying. You put a lot of effort into the things you care about, like getting internships or staying off of the Red Devil’s radar. Your friends would do anything for you, and if they don’t, you’ll be sure to let them know how you feel. You are not afraid to spill the truth tea because honestly, you are making the world better by sharing your knowledge. You are #blessed, tbh.

If you are undecided or undeclared, then you are Hester.

You are an enigma. One day you decided on a psychology major, and the next day its math. People can’t tell what’s going on with you, but that’s how you like it. You like to switch teams, because it’s easier to get what you want that way. When you overthrow the queen bee and finally rule the world, no one will see it coming. Plus you call everyone mom. Yeah…no one really understands that one. 

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