Sarah Jessica Parker Channels Carrie Bradshaw With Her Latest Shoe Collection

I love when celebrities involve themselves in business ventures that take their fans into their world, whether this involves cosmetics, household or lifestyle companies. When they come out with clothing and accessory collections it gives fans the opportunity to emulate certain aspects of their style in a way that matches various personalities. So when Sarah Jessica Parker, otherwise known as Carrie Bradshaw, came out with The SJP Collection, I knew I had to see what it was all about.

Sarah Jessica Parker actually launched her company, SJP Collection, in 2014 in hopes of sharing her love of fashion with her fans. Parker partnered with George Malkemus III to create shoes with unique silhouettes that range from a pop of color to classic and neutral.

SJP Collection shoes are of high quality and go through a meticulous production process. A third generation Tuscan shoemaker is responsible for the creation of these gorgeous soles, which are the epitome of chic.

These shoes do give off serious Carrie Bradshaw vibes. Parker has never been shy when admitting that the character that she played on "Sex and the City" has continued to follow her throughout her career, and she has chosen to embrace this. Many of the pointed toed heels have a Manolo Blahnik flare to them which, if you are a "Sex and the City" obsessor like myself, you would know that Manolo’s were Carrie Bradshaw’s designer heels of choice in the popular series.

I love the variety in styles and textures. Parker's brand uses materials such as suede, metallics, leather and satin. The shoes come is pretty much every color of the rainbow, ranging from classic to edgy.

As far as the prices go, these shoes are in the middle. Meaning that they aren’t inexpensive, but for high quality, Italian made heels they are decently priced. These shoes do go up in the hundreds of dollars range, but if you are looking to not spend the money, but have a pair or shoes from this brand, then maybe someone special can buy them as gift for you. Personally, I am very pleased with the work Sarah Jessica Parker has put into her product. These are shoes that are worth it. My soul is telling me to purchase these soles. Take a look at the some of the Fall 2016 SJP Collection shoes below:

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