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Reactions During the Oscars


Below are some of the reactions we experienced while watching the Oscars, enjoy!

1. When Neil Patrick Harris walked out…. a little disappointed it wasn’t Ellen.


2. Why are people singing? This is the Oscars… not the Tonys!


3. Lupita getting up on stage — I. love. you.


4. When Chris Pine showed up on the screen, I think a small piece of my heart died.


5. Reese never fails to disappoint.


6. When Grand Budapest Hotel slayed, we all broke out in dance.


7. Steve Carell made my night! He’s such a great human being.


8. Was anyone else confused with the combination of Legos and Cowboys?


9. Seeing Batman during “Everything is Awesome.” Currently feeling both disturbed and a little scared.


10. Imagine messing up at the Oscars… 


11. The moment when we all wished we were the guy standing next to Margot Robbie… AKA Goddess of Hotness. 


12. Jared Leto! Your hair is seriously long.


13. Yes Meryl! Please give a clap for equality. 


14. Josh Hutcherson killin’ it.


15. Zoe Saldana just had twins?! She has never looked better.


16. This moment was just plain beautiful.


17. Beautifully said Common (him & John Legend winning)


18. Lady Gaga sounds angelic. She’s not human.


19. Julie Andrews makes an appearance? I’m dead.


And that ladies & gentleman was the 2015 Academy Awards!


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Chloe Kim


Chloe is a senior at American University studying broadcast journalism with a minor in marketing. She is an avid pizza enthusiast, and her dream job is to be a travel writer. 
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