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It is spooky season once more which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate some of our favorite witches. From movies to books to TV shows, Gen-Z womxn have been influenced by many iconic witches, some better than others. Here is our rating of our top 10 witches in the media. 


Elphaba / The Wicked Witch of the West

The most iconic but unfortunately misunderstood witch of them all. Whether you know her from the hit musical Wicked or from the Wizard of Oz you’ll know her and her pack of flying monkeys are not to be reckoned with. At the end of the day, this witch deserved much better than what she got but has still managed to find a soft spot in all of our hearts. 

Scarlet Witch 

This witch runs with a different crowd than most. Being part of the avengers is no small feat. While her powers of reality-warping, psychokinesis and probability manipulation don’t fall into typical witch powers, I’m sure she could put up a good fight against anyone. 

Marnie Piper

From defeating evil warlock Kalabar from turning Halloweentown citizens into their “true forms” to opening up the portal to the mortal world, she was really an activist in her own right. Marnie was a witch that we all grew up with and created unrealistic expectations of college (sorry AU but I’d do anything to go to Halloweentown University). However, she was pretty mean to her mom throughout the whole series so she might need to work on that. 

Fiona Goode 

This witch is toxic. Not only does she use her powers to suck the life out of others for her own personal gain (oof) she’s also pretty ageist. Her obsession with eternal youth is just not healthy for anyone and needs to be stopped. Overall bad vibes from this witch. 

Blair Witch

Coming in dead last is Blair Witch. Was it a good idea for a bunch of college kids to go into the woods unprepared hunting for her, no? But did she really didn’t have to reak that much havoc and make us all terrified to ever go camping? Plus she never even showed her face during the whole movie! 

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