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Top Five Witches in the Media

It isn’t surprising that witches are popular in the media. Many of us grow up either reading Harry Potter or watching The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina can attest to the face that it would be amazing to have these types of powers. Here are 5 iconic witches in the media. 

  1. 1. Number 5: Maleficent 

    Is Maleficent a villain? Well, yes, but her anger throughout the movie was justified. Maleficent emits an aura of both being a regal yet mysteriously powerful figure, it is clear she means business. The King was half right, she could've been a real threat to the kingdom. Plus, she can turn into a dragon, so of course she's in the top five.

  2. Now the 1990s Sabrina Spellman is very different from the 2018 version. In the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina, her character is a way more complex character than her 90’s counterpart. Not only did she notice the toxic masculinity that was happening in her school, but she established a club for intersectional feminism. Furthermore, she is extremely compassionate towards her friends and doesn’t put those she cares about in danger.  Plus her cat, Salem, is iconic.

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  3. 3. Number 3: Sanderson Sisters

    When you think about iconic Halloween witches, who is the first witch that comes to mind?  The Sanderson Sisters of course. These iconic witches have been casting a spell on us ever since the release of Hocus Pocus. Each sister, Winifred, Sarah, and Mary, had a unique personality that fed off each other perfectly. Plus they had the power to suck all the life from every child in Salem, and come back to life after 300 years. Also, they had one of the best renditions of the song I Put a Spell on you.  

  4. 4. Number 2:  Alex & Cam from Twitches 

    Alex and Cam are fashion icons and I still stand by this comment. Both twins have such an amazing back story as they were separated from birth from a magical kingdom, but are soon reunited on their 21st birthday. Even though their personalities have similarities, they are also unique in many ways. For example, one is a morning person and one is a night owl. This needs more information, feels incomplete

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  5. 5. Number 1: Hermoine Granger 

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    It shouldn’t be a surprise that Hermoine is number one on this list. She inspires generations of young audiences to be brave, fearless, and brilliant. So obviously she must be the brightest witch of her generation. As she was both dedicated to her studies and getting into some ‘good trouble’, her overall spirit puts her at the top of the list. to help her friends. Let’s be real Harry and Ron would be dead in book one if it wasn’t for Hermoine. 

While there are thousands of witches in the media these five womxn have face the test of time. As every year they gain more audiences whether they are read about or watched in their movies. Not only that but many of the witches on this list have also served as role models for both younger and older generations.   

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