The Pros & Cons of Dating an Older Guy

Many girls dream, or at least are fine with the idea, of dating an older guy. But how much older is OK? If faced with the option of dating someone older, what is, — five years, ten years, how many years? Here are some pros and cons of dating someone older. 


They are more maturePeople claim that an older guy knows what he wants and that he is more refined and sophisticated than a younger guy. 

Supposedly, they’re more ready for commitmentPeople think that because the guy is older maybe he is more ready for a committed relationship. So supposedly, this wouldn’t just be a casual fling. 

It’s refreshing. Dating someone who is not from your college or someone working in the real world can be a cool experience. Also, if you happen to break up, you won’t see him wandering around campus when you’re in old sweatpants. 

Some anonymous quotes from girls around campus:

“They act more mature. They have a little bit better vision of what they want to do with their life.” -Anonymous 1

“They are less likely to play around and more likely to commit — they take things more seriously.” -Anonymous 2


You’re at different stages in your lives. You’re still in college and he’s already working an adult job. What are you going to talk about? There are just so many life experiences that he has gone through that you haven’t yet experienced. It can make things hard to relate to. 

It’s kinda…creepy(?). OK not saying all situations are creepy, but matching with an older guy on Tinder…what are his intentions? He’s a few years older…so you would think he is trying to settle down, but then again he’s on Tinder. Why is he trying to meet an eighteen year old!? What is the motive? 

Odd social situations. If you are with an older guy, he presumably has older friends which would mean you might be with people who are nearly 30, for example. Is that really an ideal situation? And likewise, would he want to hang out with your friends who can’t even legally drink yet? 

Some anonymous quotes from girls around campus:

“You are at different points in your life so your priorities are different.” -Anonymous 1

“I’m afraid that what I find funny and interesting, he might find childish.” -Anonymous 2

Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to pursue a relationship with a guy who is older than you. It could work out well, or end up being just another experience in the dating world.


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