Plumping Your Pout Naturally

Kylie Jenner is known for putting full lips on the map. She is a perfect example of how slightly fuller lips can add a some glamour to your look. Sadly, King Kylie has admitted to plumping up her formally thinner lips with temporary filler.

If you are a person who is more into having naturally full and plump lips, HCAU has found some products that might work for you! These three products remind us that it is possible solely use makeup to plump your pout.

1. This lip plumping gloss by Smashbox is infused with the company’s exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex, which includes ginger mint, ginkgo biloba and pomegranate seed antioxidants that, upon application, help create a plumping effect that also accentuates the natural pink color of one’s lips. This product has the best plumping ability by far, and it is a much easier way to get plump lips than going to the plastic surgeon. This product is perfect for plumping your lips for a night out. 

2. “Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme” is another gloss that has a plumping quality that is perfect to wear underneath a lipstick.  I have used this product underneath a matte lipstick because the gloss itself is clear and won’t affect or change the color of a lipstick. The moment you apply it, you will feel the product working immediately. Once you feel the tingling effect and notice the fullness in your lips, feel free to add a color on top to fit the look you're going for. Lipstick will glide on to the lips after using this product, which is smooth and preventing cracks and dryness in the lips.

3. This final product is for the girl that wants a more chic, matte look.  “Too Faced Melted Chocolate” liquid long-wear lipstick in the color, chocolate honey, is the perfect nude shade that is neither too light nor too dark. The formula used in this product is a lot smoother upon application and doesn’t crack or dry out your lips. To create a fuller pout with this product, overdraw the middle of the top lip, only by your cupid’s bow, and the center part of your bottom lip. If you overdraw both lips, your lips may look more plump than you originally desired.

These products can help to create a sensual and flirty pout that will have you doing a double take in the mirror when you see the results!


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