New ‘Target’ Store Location Opens in Tenleytown

Who doesn’t love Target? The brand of big-box stores has been expanding rapidly around DC for a while now with recent openings in Cleveland Park and Shepard Park and even more planned. But for AU students, the most recent opening is the most exciting.

Target opened ts newest location in Tenleytown last week in the 46,000 square foot space that Best Buy left behind when it closed last year. The space is right across the street from the Tenleytown Metro station and the AU ‘wonk bus’ stop, making errands there extremely convenient for students.

The store is considered a “small-format” location, meaning it is more compact than the large stores in more suburban areas. However, the store feels considerably larger than the Cleveland Park or Bethesda locations. It includes clothing, tech, beauty, health, food, seasonal, toy and office departments, among others.

The store is one large floor with a triangular walk-around design. The clothing and seasonal departments are in the center with the beauty, food and other sections on the outside of the main walkway around the store. Most locations are set up in this way.

The beauty department is more expansive than expected. The section for face masks and skincare is especially large. which is a huge plus if you need any deserved self-care before finals. The aisles for makeup are really well-lit too which is perfect for testing colors.

The clothing department is larger than other nearby locations with must-have items for the winter. There’s a great selection of cardigans, comfy sweaters and of course, holiday sweaters!

This location also boasts a CVS pharmacy inside as well as fresh grocery items, which are both excellent for student health. Finally, no more walking down the block to CVS for prescriptions in the cold (that might just be a me problem).

Possibly the most exciting part of the store is the seasonal section. You can certainly find the cutest items to deck the halls from the affordable to the fancy. I’m loving all the plaid and flannel decor that’s available. 

The best part of this new opening though is the convenience. Struggling to carry your bags on the Metro and wondering if you’ll make it home before your ice cream melts is no more. It takes less than fifteen minutes on the AU bus to arrive there or go back to campus.

Unfortunately there is no Starbucks in this location, unlike many others, but there is a Starbucks across the street. The food and storage sections are also relatively small, likely because of the nearby Whole Foods and Container Store.

This Target location is open from 8 am to 10 pm every day. The CVS within the store is open Monday through Friday  9 am to 7 pm, Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. Consider downloading the Target app for special coupons and a store map to help you navigate the new location!


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