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New Daytime Talk Show Hosts Keep it “Real”

When it comes to television, I love reality, drama and everything in between. When I discovered the daytime talk show, “The Real,” I was immediately hooked, and here’s why.

“The Real” began as a three-week trial project that aired on FOX markets in: New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston, and Tampa. After receiving a positive response, the show was nationally broadcasted. In February 2015, “The Real” announced it would coming back for another season. The show has now been renewed for new seasons through 2018. Most recently, the daytime talk show was nominated for four daytime Emmy awards: Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show, Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts, Outstanding Hairstyling, and Outstanding Makeup.

I came across “The Real” by accident. I was on YouTube and whatever I was watching led me to a clip of the show during the segment, “Girl Chat.” What I saw when I began watching, blew my mind. I quickly realized how the show got its name. “The Real” represents unfiltered honesty. The premise of the show is that the hosts keep their opinions unfiltered when they are providing their take on a topic. Of course, they are all well versed in the topics of discussion. These ladies know how to keep it real.

The show has hosts are of all different races and ethnicities. You have the Latina Adrienne Bailon who is a former Disney Cheetah Girl, singer and actress. Tamar Braxton is an African American R&B singer, sister of legend Toni Braxton, fashion designer and reality star. Jeannie Mai is an Asian American fashion and style expert who we have seen host several style shows throughout the years. Tamera Mowry-Housely a bi-racial actress who starred in the 90’s show “Sister Sister.” Finally, we have African American comedian Lonni Love.

These women have a unique chemistry and make a point to let their audience know that they are extremely close friends; this is visible in so many of their actions, from their pregnancy announcements to each other on the air to taking the time to acknowledge how hard their co-hosts work during their day-to-day lives.

These women bring each other up, not tear each other down. In today’s world we see so many women trying to get to the top. While attempting to do so, some women may not have the right attitude. That is how these women differ. They recognize their unique abilities and talents that each of them possess and praise them for it. More importantly, when one is experiencing personal stressors, they will take the time, during their show, to talk through their problems and be there as a support system.

These women give their honest opinion regarding topics such as racism, gender roles, relationships, motherhood, marriage, the struggles of minorities, politics, music, the arts, and so much more. The beginning segment of show, “Girl Chat,” is what gets me through my rough days. I have never seen a group of women who can give their unfiltered opinions and advice on a wide multitude of subjects in way that is entertaining, yet one-hundred percent honest at the same time.

The diversity that the co-hosts represent shows that they are speaking to the current world we live in, one full of various types of people. They emphasize that we should be working on bringing diverse cultures together, not keeping them apart.

Tamar’s blatant honesty, Lonni’s comedic yet emotional side, Adrienne’s feisty Latina-ness, Jeannie’s positive outlook on life, and Tamera’s sensitivity and understanding make viewers feel like these hosts can actually relate to you.

“The Real” makes you feel like you are having a real chat with your friends.  Keeping it real is so important, and I encourage all of you to try watching this talk show if you don’t already.


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