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Music Festival Guide for 2015

With the end of winter approaching, it’s easy for our minds to drift off into the distant memory of summer. A key component of summer is attending music festivals. Flower headbands, body paint and crop tops fill up your Instagram feed suggesting that everyone around you is having the time of their lives at various music festivals. Whether it be in the South at Bonnaroo, California’s Coachella or at New York City’s Governors Ball, it feels like everyone is rocking out. Confused about where to go or where the next music festival is? Here is your guide to this year’s music festival scene! Compare the prices, line ups and dates to pick your next getaway!


1. Coachella (beware, includes multiple celebrity sightings!)

Location: Indio, California

Major Headliners: ACDC, Jack White, Drake, Hozier, Florence and the Machine, David Guetta, The Weeknd and Tame Impala. 

Date: April 10th-12th & April 17th-19th

Ticket Price: $375 (All three days)

Camping Price: $85 (car camping) & $85 (tent camping with parking spot)

Over the course of two different weekends, prepare to see plenty of celebrities, ride a Ferris wheel, experience giant art sculptures and bask in the glorious sunny California weather. Coachella has made its name as one of the more popular music festivals in the world. Create the best start to your summer by attending Coachella this April! 


2. Sasquatch (go for the gorgeous landscapes!)

Location: The Gorge, Washington

Major Headliners: Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse, Robert Plant, Ryan Adams and Tame Impala.

Date: May 22-25th

Ticket Price: $350 (All four days)

Camping Price: $150 per car
(Up to 6 People)

While you are out in the middle of nowhere, be ready to have the time of your life! Camp out for over four days, enjoy listening to your favorite artists all day long and dance all night in rave tents. What could be better?


3. Governors Ball (explore New York City while you’re at it!)

Location: Randall’s Island Park, New York

Major Headlines: Drake, The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey, The Decemberists, Tame Impala, Ryan Adams and Deadmau5.

Date: June 5-7th

Ticket Price: $260 (All 3 days)

Hotel Price: Average hotel rooms go for $200 a night

What could beat listening to your favorite artists, while staring at the beautiful city landscape? Although this festival is only five years old, it is becoming a staple in the musical festival scene. Between the mixology tend, lawn games, and silent disco, your time on the island will not disapoint. 


4. Bonnaroo (expect plenty of arts and festivities)

Location: Manchester, Tennessee

Major Headliners: Billy Joel, Mumford and Sons, Deadmau5, Kendrick Lamar, Florence and the Machine, Hozier, and My Morning Jacket.

Date: June 11-14th

Ticket Price: $299.50 for General Admission Level 1 (Currently Sold out)

Camping Price: Included in ticket

You can’t miss Bonnaroo! There will be plenty of music, arts and entertainment! Plus, a variety of artists make an appearance every year. The biggest attraction of Bonnaroo is the mixture of arts and music! Make sure to check out the Christmas in June Barn Club or practice your spray painting abilities on the walls surrounding the festival or you can always dance around in your swimsuit in the fountain between shows. 


5. Firefly

Location: Dover, Delaware

Major Headliners: Kings of Leon, The Killers, Snoop Dog, Foster the People, Zedd,  Modest Mouse, Hozier and Kid Cudi. 

Date: June 18-21st

Ticket Price: $249 for Early Bird or $299 for Regular (For all four days)

Camping Price: $149 for General Camping (up to 6 people)

At a low price, and perfect camping locations, Firefly is guaranteed to be an amazing festival! Whether you are hanging out in one of the many hammocks, taking a hot air balloon ride, doing yoga, or playing ping pong in the game room, you’ll have unforgettable memories.


6. Summerfest (cheap prices!)

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Major Headliners: TBA

Dates: June 25-28th & June 30-July 5th

Ticket Price: $19 General Admission for any day

One of the biggest highlights of Summerfest is the price, of course! If you are looking for a budget friendly getaway, look no further than Cummerfest! It’s a lake front festival that will meet bring you to your feet. Artists like Ray LaMontagne, Arctic Monkeys and Ludacris all made appearances last year! 


7. LollaPalooza (Go for the food!)

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Major Headlines: TBA

Date: July 31-August 2nd

Ticket Price: TBA (Last year day passes went from $190)

Hotel Price: Average hotel rooms go for $200-400 a night

With much left up in the air surrounding this years Lolla Palooza, it’s still guaranteed that it won’t disappoint. Based on last year the line up will be similar to Coachella and Bonaroo. If you attend Lolla be prepared for locally sourced food that will meet all your cravings and a beautiful back drop of Chicago in the background!

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