Megyn Kelly: A New Kind of Feminist

Megyn Kelly, Fox News host and inspiration to all women who know the feeling of having to fight for their voice to be heard in a room full of men, has stood up to some big names recently. From standing up to presidential candidate Donald Trump earlier this year to her more recent altercation with Newt Gingritch, Kelly has been personally attacked for doing her job and providing media coverage of the events in the news several times. 

On October 25th's "The Kelly File," Kelly’s interview with former House Speaker Newt Gingritch quickly turned personal when the topic of the media’s coverage of Donald Trump’s sexual assault and harassment allegations came up. Gingritch accused Kelly of being "fascinated with sex" and not "caring about public policy" when she brought up the issue. Kelly handled the personal attack with a calm but stern nature, responding by saying that she's "not fascinated by sex," but is "fascinated by the protection of women." Kelly’s ability to turn the attack into voicing the real issue at hand speaks to her rational and intelligent nature. Kelly, despite the alignment of political parties with Trump, chose to defend the network’s choice to provide coverage of the allegations, as the safety of women and her ethical code as a journalist was at stake. By sticking to the facts that have come to light over the past few weeks and stating clearly that the women that came forward deserved an outlet for their accusations, Kelly was being an unbiased reporter who by no means deserved to be personally accused of being obsessed with sex simply for doing her job.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Kelly has had to fight against sexism, mansplaining, or even sexual assault. In July, 2016, Kelly accused then-Fox News Chairmen Roger Ailes of sexually harassing her years prior. Kelly’s fight to be respected and taken seriously in the media business is a fight that many women face and is one that she takes on with strength and grace. Roger Ailes, after being forced out of his position as Chairmen of Fox News, became an advisor to Donald Trump. The connections that these men have to Trump is ironic at best, and convoluted and twisted at worst. Kelly has had to face a stronghold of sexist men in power over the course of her career, showing us the strong and empowered woman and role model that she is.

While Kelly’s conservative views have caused apprehension by the public in terms of considering her a feminist, her role in fighting for fair representation, equality and respect in the workplace calls for a change in public perception. A feminist, by definition, is an individual who believes in equality of the sexes. Kelly’s fight to be heard and respected as a newscaster among a flock of men who have talked over her and attacked her personally proves that a feminist and role model to girls all across the world can and should be uninfluenced by their political affiliation. 


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