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Max Miller-Golub & Nate Glass ’18

Meet best friends Max Miller-Golub and Nate Glass! 

Names: Max Miller-Golub & Nathaniel Glass

Year: Freshmen

Relationship Status: Both are taken by two respective girlfriends

Major:Nate: CLEGMax: CLEG & Sociology

Favorite moments with one another:

Nate: We talked a lot over the summer and had a lot of in common.Max: Yeah, there was a lot.Nate: Super Smashbros, sports…Max: I was disappointed you didn’t like Chipotle.Nate: I sounded pretentious because I said we have real burritos in California.Max: Also we like Gamecube.Nate: We have similar lifestyle habits.

Favorite Experiences at AU:

Nate: I liked going to New York for the Climate Change March with FossilFree AU. That was a good experience!Max: Brooke Gladstone. Enough said.

Favorite Pick-up Line:

Nate: Are you a beaver? Because damn.Max: You look familiar. Have we taken a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.

Favorite type of facial hair:

Nate: Beard.Max: Nate’s beard.

To Selfie or Not to Selfie?

Nate: No. I do it ironically.Max: No, unless the circumstances call for it.

Dream Job:

Nate: Professional smashbros player.Max: Policymaker.

Favorite place you’ve been to:

Nate: The castle I stayed at in Vienna.Max: My uncle’s house outside San Francisco because of the view. It’s beautiful there. 

Chelsea Cirruzzo is a sophomore at American University studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications. She is originally from Long Island. In addition to writing for Her Campus American, Chelsea is a Community-Based Research Scholar as well as a Resident Assistant. When not reading or writing, Chelsea can be found seeking out pizza wherever it might be or talking about feminism. 
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