A Love Letter To Yourself

When was the last time you sat down and thought “Wow! I am amazing!”? It is often easier to find the time and space to care about others but we often forget to find that same space and time to care for ourselves. In order to be there for others, you must take the time to focus on yourself first, because if you aren’t emotionally available, nothing you say will really make a difference. With self-love often forgotten, it is important to find creative ways to focus on you. 

By writing a love letter to yourself, you can focus on all of the amazing things you are doing right now, even if it feels like nothing is going your way.

To write a love letter to yourself, grab a piece of paper or your computer and get to work. What has been on your mind lately? What have you been doing a great job with? What have you been struggling to accomplish? All of these questions are themes that you can incorporate into your letter. There is no perfect letter to yourself, each letter is personal and unique, just like you.

A Cathartic Experience

Taking the time to sit down and write a love letter to myself, amidst everything that has been weighing on me, is one of the most cathartic experiences I had this semester. When I finally sat down and let the words flow onto the paper, I realized that life is so beautiful, even when it seems like there are a million bullets being thrown in my direction.

It takes time to realize that you are worthy of love, especially when it feels like you are giving your all to others. For me, writing a love letter to myself was one of the first times I stopped and sat down to engage with my thoughts. While I enjoy things like knitting and baking, these are all good distractions and hobbies, but they fail to acknowledge pain and suffering, they simply put up a roadblock to all that is on your mind.

A Love Letter to Myself 

As the world spins in a million different directions and your mind is constantly racing, you need to realize you are doing amazing things. You are strong, you are beautiful, you are bright, and, most importantly, you are resilient.

I think we can all agree that things have not been the easiest recently, but you are pushing through and being the best you can be. You are surviving each and every day and just that is amazing. 

As things continue to change, the world continues to go round. You are still smiling, laughing, and putting up a strong fight. And even if you are not smiling every moment of every day, you are finding a reason to smile every once in a while. These reasons may be small. It may be that you got dressed today, but still, that is a big feat. Be proud of these small accomplishments: continue to celebrate you!

green book beside orange and white pen photo Photo by Savannah Wakefield from Unsplash Please do not think that everything has to be perfect, especially right now. As we strive to grow and flourish, it is important to understand that perfection is nonexistent. You are going to struggle, and you are going to hurt, and you are going to feel a tide wave of emotions, but that is okay and totally normal. You and your feelings are completely valid. Please do not let anyone tell you otherwise, including yourself.

It is okay to take a moment for yourself. It is okay to cry. It is okay to show emotions. Showing emotions does not mean that you are not strong; in fact, it makes you even stronger. 

You are constantly striving to be present every moment of every day, and that is hard, but you still continue to try. Please, love, do not be so tough on yourself. It is okay to take a break. It is okay to say I need a moment to breathe. 

Time will pass, the winds will shift, the tides will change, and your world will keep on turning, but in order to get there, you need to find the time and space in your heart to love yourself. Because, love, you are doing amazing things!

Some people in your life may try to bring you down but, you are stronger than this. No relationship, family drama, or life struggle should ever define your worth.

Yes, all of these things will change you, your perspectives, and belief systems you thought were unshakeable, change who you surround yourself with, but they should not change your ability to see that you are worthy of love.

You are so strong, even when you do not see it, others do. While it is okay to take a break, try not to push those you love out of your life. They are here for you, they are here to support you, and they want to love you.

You are worthy of all of the love around you. You try so hard to support and be there for others, but if you do not take the chance to love yourself first, then you can’t truly love others. 

Even when the world is turned upside down, there is a light inside of you, it is something special, and it isn’t going anywhere. Find that light inside of you, and kindle it. It does not have to ignite right now, but care for it and find that self-love. Find that little spark of energy to care for yourself.

It may be hard, but you’ve got this. You have a community of support. And even if it feels like you don’t, I promise there are people rooting for you. You have a whole support system that wants to see you succeed. 

You are so loved and you need to see that! So many people care about you! You are stronger than the roadblocks thrown in your path. You’ve got this! 

Love yourself because you are amazing! Love yourself because you are strong! Love yourself because you are you!