Life at AU as Told by Disney

Getting through your IR Research class

Sitting through late night bio labs 

Writing a 15-page research paper

Passive-aggressive confrontations with your roomate(s)

Prepping for a presentation with your classmates

Grabbing some cookies on your way out of TDR

Sitting in the library at 2AM with your best friends


Waiting in line at Elevation Burger during lunch hour


Running into your last hookup on the Quad

Sitting in class in the Hurst basement

Getting ready at 8:45 for your 8:55

Registering exactly at midnight and getting every class you wanted/needed

Walking back to your apartment/dorm after class

Waiting in line at Einstein's in the morning

Dealing with AU Central 

When your parents visit and comment on your messy room

Describing your time at American University 

*I ain't got a dime, but I owe $60,000!

Going into the real world after graduation

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