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Lauren and Ben “Happily Ever After” is a Big Bachelor Reality Check

Last Tuesday, the new and highly anticipated reality show, Lauren & Ben Happily Ever After, premiered. The show follows the happy Bachelor couple throughout their daily life as they prepare to walk down the aisle. Bachelor Nation has been a fan of the pair ever since Ben got down on one knee on a beautiful island (in true bachelor fashion) and proposed to the fan favorite, Lauren. However, the new reality show has proven that their life is not as glamorous as it once was when their romance unfolded in front of millions (and of course, Chris Harrison) this past year. For starters, Lauren made the big move to Denver, Colorado to be with Ben and walked straight into his “bachelor pad.” The days of fantasy suites and bachelor mansions being long gone, the two now reside in a small residential townhouse with very little furniture. 


The pair definitely had some unresolved Bachelor issues. The whole first episode revolved around Bachelor runner up (and now past Bachelorette) Jojo. Ben receives a call from some producers asking him and Lauren to come support Jojo in her final rose episode. Throughout the episode we get to watch the two banter back and forth about whether or not it is a good idea. There is only one thing that could have helped these two, and that is the help of the one and only Chris Harrison. I’m pretty sure the biggest let down of the show was that the infamous host/ couple counseling connoisseur never made an appearance.

Overall, the show was a bit of a letdown. It seems as though Ben and Lauren have quite a few unresolved issues, and spend a lot of their free time bickering. Of course, the episode did include a few sweet moments between the two, including them watching fireworks while passionately looking into each other’s eyes- what more could you except from a typical Bachelor couple? Hopefully, we will get to see their “happy” romance play out as the season continues.

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