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Landmark Music Festival: Best and Worst Moments (Day One)

I had the pleasure of attending day one of the Landmark Music Festival, held in West Potomac Park, to raise money to rebuild the National Mall. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. The words DC and music festival are never usually in the same sentence, unless you are talking about how much you wish DC would hurry up and just host a music festival. Well, for everyone who ever uttered those words in frustration, myself included, our prayers were answered.

Here is my review of the best and worst moments of day one of the festival.

BEST: The aesthetic.

Only way to describe the feel of the festival would be a rainy (and tiny) Coachella. While there was no giant caterpillar or Ferris wheel (very disappointed about this), there were many cute activities throughout the venue. There was a giant, white brick wall, where attendees could write their answers to the question: What would YOU march for? Apart from the many people who wrote Drizzy (*cough cough* SAME), there were a lot of beautiful and socially conscious causes painted on the wall. It was very inspiring!

There was also a tent where you could take photo booth style pictures with a George Washington beard, get flash tattoos, answer trivia, and create a virtual monument for a cause you believe in!

WORST: The weather.

If you were wondering, outdoor festivals and rain DO NOT mix. They just don’t. While the giant clouds looming overhead provided the festival with a cool and gloomy feel, the anticipation of that inevitable first rain drop made it hard to enjoy the day at times.

Shout out to Drake, who took the time during his set to acknowledge all the ladies in the audience who stood in the rain, and ruined their hair (*cough cough* me), just to see him.

BEST: The food.

There were booths from some of the coolest eateries in DC, including Amsterdam Falafelshop, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Duke’s Grocery, and The Big Cheese. The best? $4 tacos from Oyamel. #MadeMyDay

WORST: The lines.

Nothing harshes your mellow more than having to wait an hour and a half in a bar line for water. FREE. WATER.

BEST: The music.

The Saturday lineup was jam packed with a lot of heavy hitters, like Wale, Miguel, and Drake. DC favorite, Wale, performed all of his classic hits. Miguel showed up without a shirt, as per usual. The lineup was also filled with a couple great indie bands that had amazing sets, like The Lone Below and Albert Hammond Jr.


Of course, the best (and only) true way to end day one of Landmark, was by listening to Sir 6God himself. Drake was amazing, although did we expect any less? He performed classics like “Motto,” “Headlines,” “HYFR,” “Crew Love,” and “Fancy.” He then surprised the crowd by performing songs like “Truffle Butter,” “Blessings,” and “My Way,” before launching into new crowd favorites like “Trophies,” “Back to Back,” and “1-800- HOTLINEBLING.” Drake is king, and was definitely worth standing out in the rain for!

Overall, it was a good experience. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year! 

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