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Lady Gaga in AHS Season 5


Didn’t think that AHS could surprise you anymore more than they already have? Well you’re wrong! Lady Gaga announced at the end of February via a twitter video (see below) that she would be starring in the upcoming season of FX’s hit American Horror Story. It’s hard to believe it took so long to make the match, now that it’s been announced. Gaga’s show stopping weirdness (remember the egg?) and AHS’s ability to scare the living he** out of us all makes a better combination than peanut butter and jelly.

“I think nothing in the world could be more exciting. Really … it’s Lady F—ing Gaga! I mean, come on. It’s amazing,” Sarah Paulson told Vulture. Paulson has been in every season of AHS so far. Most recently she played the conjoined twins Bette and Dotte Tattler in season four and in season three she played Cordelia Foxx, the investigative reporter.

Gaga made the announcement after her incredible performance of the “Sound of Music” at the Oscars. The show may compliment her past image and reputation, but she may be on the path for a new image. Her tasteful yet beautiful performance is coinciding with a completely new skill set of acting and follows a long jazz tour with Tony Bennet. Many believe Bennett softened her image when she appeared hundreds of times on the arm of a charming old man.

Could the pop legend be rebranding herself as a more sophisticated actress/jazz singer? Only a close eye on her twitter page will answer that. What we do know is that she fits in perfectly with the grotesque, horrifying, and captivating themes of AHS. Sadly, stars Jessica Lange and Emma Roberts will not be returning next season.

Gaga has had cameos “as herself” in Machette Kills, Sin City: A Dame to kill for and Muppets Most Wanted, but AHS Hotel will be her first reoccurring role. Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, has been incorporating musical talents into several other of his shows like Glee and season three: Coven which Stevie Nicks appeared in. Still, Lady Gaga is the first reoccurring musical talent on AHS and it’s going to explosive. Just watch the twitter video and teaser trailer.

What is she wearing? Who knows? It’s pretty easy to guess that season five will be about a haunted hotel which for horror fans brings to mind the likes of Hostel (2005)  and Stephen King’s 1408 (2007). Many of AHS’s season themes have “been done” but they always manage to bring a new twist. No one could have guessed that season two would have mixed an insane asylum with alien abduction. Maybe they will mix werewolves with the haunted hotel. The next season will be appearing sometime this fall. Check out the season five teaser trailer here however be warned it is the usual caliber of holy-s*-what-am-I-watching.


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