Julia Tamez '19

Meet Julia, also known as "Tamez" by her roommates, friends, and sisters in Sigma Kappa. Hailing from San Antonio, Julia is a die hard sports fan and is all about Texas!

Her Campus American University: Where's Home?

Julia Tamez.: San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs!)

HCAU: What's the dream after AU?

J.T.: I would love to be a Foreign Commercial Service Officer. But if a career in in international economics doesn't pan out, I would love to be a mediocre comedian!

HCAU: What are you involved in at AU and off campus?

J.T.: I'm the Vice President of Scholarship for Sigma Kappa (scholarship is sexy!), I'm a production assistant for KPU, a staff photographer for Photo Collective, and a member of AU College Democrats.

HCAU: Where's your go to spot on campus?

J.T.: The Bridge! I love me some good coffee shop vibes.

HCAU: Three musts you always pack in a suitcase:

J.T.: Underwear, socks, and deodorant. You know, the essentials!

HCAU: Favorite place in the entire world?

J.T.: The Japanese Tea Gardens in the best city of San Antonio!

HCAU: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

J.T.: Chilie Limon Lays chips. I could eat them until the end of time!

HCAU: Favorite drink?

J.T.: Ice cold water

HCAU: What's one movie you live by and why?

J.T.: The Interview because of this scene: " I need you to take him out.” “On a date? To the movies?” “No, you need to take him out.” I just relate to the main characters trying to do the right thing while also taking out the government, it’s really inspiring. Also the puppy at the end was absolutely adorable.

HCAU: Any hobbies?

J.T.: Hiking, kayaking and not falling into the water, eating all the food, going to art museums, listening to music (Tchaikovsky is my favorite) and long walks on the beach

Fun fact: If it is raining outside, I will cancel whatever plans I have because I HATE going outside when it’s raining.

Photo credits to this cutie!