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Juicing 101: What I’ve Learned From My Detox Experience

When the word juicing came to mind, I automatically thought of a diet craze and weight loss. I have only heard about from the various types of media like television and magazines. For example, Piper’s juice cleanse before heading to the slammer in Orange is the New Black, E News discussing the measures celebrities obtained their banging bodies to the health sections of lifestyle magazines. I never understood the point of juicing. I honestly had no idea whether it was even effective or not. Does your skin actually glow?...Do you feel anything?...Is this just another diet craze?...It was not until my roommate decided to take on the challenged herself that I was curious. During her 24-hour cleanse, she talked about how she felt healthier and that she was receiving some kind of nutrition. The juices my roomate used varied in taste and texture, but she stayed committed. She even did some light cardio and light strength training. The next day, I had to ask if her effort did not come in vain. The first thing she said was; she went to bed earlier and felt less bloated. My curiosity got the best of me, and I knew I had to try at least to form my opinion about this type of detox method. With the help of Alive Juices, I decided to give it a shot. I wanted also to share with you some tips and what I learned during this experience.
Research and Choose Your Juice Plan Wisely
While I usually depend on my roommate for the latest health trends, I know I had to do my research if I was going to take on this gamble. From the advice from doctor’s article to health bloggers, there were many opinions jumbled into Google. Ultimately, I felt that I had to do what was best for me and decided to choose a plan that allowed me to consume solid food. Compared to other juicing companies and products, Alive Juices is a local company in the District. They delivered the juices to me in adorable Mason jars. The juices varied in colors and flavors. The juices also included a list of tips and effective ways on how to use them.
Sip, Don’t Chug
I learned to not chug the hard way during my first day of trying the juices. Gulping down your juice will not allow it properly work the way it is supposed to do. I thought the faster I drank the juice, the more full I will be during the day. Especially after eating breakfast, my stomach was not prepared from the health wave that was about to takeover. It took about an hour and a half and some tea for my stomach to settle. With the rest of the juices, I needed to slowly sip throughout the day and give my body the much-needed vacation from digesting.
Schedule A Light Workout
While my digestion system was on a break, it did not mean that the rest of my body was on vacation. I did not want my body to shut down on me. My energy was lower than usual, but luckily my sculpting class had a light schedule. I had enough stamina to keep up with the class. Typically, the class uses weights and has a heavy cardio routine. That week, we had a light warm up which consisted of jogging in place and some squats. Instead of using the barbell in the class, we targeted different parts of our bodies by using a resistance band, a mat, and an aerobic step. The combination of working out and drinking healthy helped me feel a lot clearer, mentally and physically.
Short Term and Long Term Effects
While I took the easier route than my roommate, I finally understood why juicing is an option for others. I felt a little bit healthier and felt like I received some nutritious benefit from juicing. As a college student with a revolving door schedule, I am guilty of choosing the fried and the chocolate covered food options. While these treats bring a short-term pleasure, I always end up feeling lazy and bloated. After my juicing experience, I have been consciously choosing healthier items on the menu and carry a water bottle with me everywhere for the past few weeks. While I am no expert, I think having a experience was enlightening and refreshing to try.
Have you attempted a detox cleanse? Was it juicing, specialized eating plans, or something else? Did you benefit from your experience? Feel free to let us know below!
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 Colleen V. Antonio is a student at American University in Washington DC. She is majoring in Public Communication with minors in Marketing. She is a member of the sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. Currently, Colleen writes and is President for HerCampus American, which combines her interests in fashion, food, and entertainment in the local DMV area. One day she hopes to find a job with all these interests that will enable her to travel around the world. During her free time, Colleen enjoys exploring the city whether it is heading to listen to an underground band at Black Cat with her friends or even just eating cookie dough ice cream on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery.
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