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Jenna Mosley ’15

What comes to mind when you think of Bozeman, Montana? It could be the mountain ranges, the cowboy hats, or maybe even Montana State University. Or maybe Montana has just really never crossed your mind. Well, American University, it is fair to say that one girl from Bozeman is making a big name for herself and her state in the country’s capital.

Jenna Mosley is a 19-year-old sophomore who walked onto American University’s campus on a whim, decided to take a tour, and ended up being the only school she applied to in DC. Unlike many other students in their second year, Jenna has a pretty good plan of what she wants to study and how she wants to impact the world. Currently, she is studying International Relations with a focus in Communication and Development in the Middle East. Her dream job is to work at an NGO that educates women in the Middle East since she wholeheartedly believes the education of women goes hand in hand with development.

On campus, Jenna is involved in the SIS Undergraduate Council as a Marketing Director as well as AU PRSSA where she will be the Events Director in the spring. Her experience with marketing and public relations work and accomplishments doesn’t stop there, however. Off campus, she is interning at the Democratic National Committee in the Digital Department. Last year, she even got the chance to blog for Seventeen Magazine as a Freshman 15 blogger. This opportunity really gave a small town girl a big city feel when se got the chance to meet Nickelodeon stars and rub shoulders with the likes of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.

Even thought Bozeman will always be close to Jenna’s heart, there is no doubt she loves the opportunities offered here in the country’s capital. When she isn’t in school and marketing mode, Jenna enjoys her favorite season, the fall and sometimes even giving some fashion advice. To any guy trying to take Jenna on a date, make sure you don’t wear salmon shorts, since that is one trend she would love to get rid of if she could.

Find Jenna on campus studying about the Middle East or at her various other commitments in the marketing world, and be sure to check out her Freshman 15 videos on Seventeen.com!

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