J.Crew's "Not Your Average College Party"

Her Campus and J.Crew partnered together for J.Crew's "Not Your Average College Party" event on Sept. 9th at several J.Crew locations across the country. I received a $50 gift card to go shop at the event as a Her Campus V.I.P., and on top of that, as part of the party, J.Crew was giving 25% off to students. This discount even included sale items! I walked into the store feeling on top of the world, ready to see what $50 and 25% could get me at J.Crew and how this party would be. 

The first thing that caught my eye, or actually my ear first, was the loud Top 40 music that was blasting throughout the store. This music wasn't your ordinary store music playing through the speakers from some employee's Spotify playlist. Right in the middle of the store was a whole setup from DJ Honey. She seemed like she was having a blast at this event. The placement of her setup was great because it was close enough to the register line (which was huge of course) so that people waiting could jam out while waiting to be checked out. 

What also caught my eye was the free mini cupcakes and LaCroix sparkling water. The manager who was there showing me around said that the cupcakes were going incredibly fast whenever she put out a new tray. I mean, they were delicious, and I might've had two...or three. It was a little hard to look through sizes of items and carry things to the fitting room while holding my cupcake and sparkling water, but when a sales attendant saw me struggling they promptly came over and helped me start a fitting room.

Now for the actual shopping! Since the sales section was included in this event, I headed straight there. As with all store parties and major sales, the sale section was a little hectic with shoppers trying to find their sizes, but sales assistants were prompt to reorganize any clothing that fell or was out of place. I found a super cute one shoulder top and a funky tassel bracelet as well as a pair of thick hoop earrings (picture below). The earrings were the only item that wasn't on sale that I bought, but since it was still 25% off I figured that's close enough to a sale.

My total was around $60, so all together I spent about $10 out of pocket because of the gift card. I found out from the manager that J.Crew always has a 15% off discount for students who show their ID card at checkout, which always includes sale items. Overall, this experience was incredibly fun and from what I saw it brought out a lot of college students to the store. I will definitely be visiting J.Crew in the future during their sales events! 


Photo credits: 1, 2-3 belong to the author.