The Importance of Putting Yourself First

          Life is filled with busy bees, making the time pass before our eyes. Busyness also means stress, and stress can take a mental toll on us, affecting our mental health. Many people forget how serious mental health is and the deeper meaning that comes with it. Whether it’s eating disorders, depression, or panic attacks, it is important for mental health to be actively taken care of. This is especially important when we find ourselves stressed and overworked.

          Getting overstressed can also affect your physical and emotional health. It can affect your blood pressure, hormones, and your mood towards other people and yourself. If you find stress destroying your body, mind, and emotions, do something about it. It is ok to be selfish and to put yourself and your needs first because your health is always a priority. Taking a break (especially from school work) is ALWAYS okay to do. Whether if it means sweating out your frustrations at the gym, watching an episode or two of the series your binge-watching, or even grabbing dinner from your favorite fast food joint; it is important to clear your mind so you are able to dive back smoothly into work or your other daily routines.

          Besides taking the time for yourself, vent out your stress. Your friends will always be there for you as a shoulder to lean on and to give advice, but choose the right friends because you don’t want your worries to spread like fire. Talk to a family member you are close to, as family is another great form of support. I vent to my mom and it is so relaxing to get it off my chest with her. Although it is nice having rant sessions with friends or family, you may find yourself not getting the support you were expecting. If that’s the case or your stress/anxiety is constant, talk to a therapist. Your worries will be kept safe there between you and the therapist. They will let you do it all from swearing and yelling to bawling your eyes out.

            If you find yourself getting anxious, having a loss of confidence, or getting stressed, do something about it because if you don’t, you will find yourself feeling worse. Go bowling, watch a Disney movie, grab Oreo cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, or have a group vent and support session. Any little move makes a better impact on your mental health. It is important to remember that a clear mind is healthier than a messy, disorganized mind.

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