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If Disney Princesses Were AU Students

Almost every little girl grew up admiring a Disney princess. You wished for birds to help you clean your room, pretended to be a mermaid in the bathtub, and probably belted out your best (and loudest) rendition of  “A Whole New World” while sitting (and soaring) on your living room carpet. These animated characters were a vital part of your childhood, so why not follow them through their college years? Here are the Disney princesses reimagined as American University students.



Ariel felt like a regular fish out of water (pun intended) upon her first semester at American. As someone so interested in many different subjects (did you see her grotto?), she had trouble finding a major that fit her. However, after much deliberation, she decided on being a History and Anthropology major, with a minor in music. Ariel, a natural born swimmer, also joined the American University Swim & Diving team; she led them to multiple victories throughout her four years at American. Unfortunately, she was so enthralled with dinglehoppers, she earned the reputation of being the TDR fork thief. Ariel and her business major boyfriend, Eric, graduated within a year of each other and lived happily ever after in a beautiful house—right on the Potomac.


Snow White

Snow White came to AU from the suburban Midwest. She was used to being one of the most beautiful girls in her town, so coming to a larger city with loads of beautiful women was a complete culture shock. However, Snow had no trouble fitting in. As a Psychology major, she quickly found herself embracing everything the school had to offer. Snow lived in the Berks with four roommates—all boys! She may have done more cooking and cleaning than expected, but she loved her roommates wholeheartedly. Snow took her studies very seriously; she graduated cum laude from the College of Arts and Sciences and landed a job at the American Psychological Association.



Belle is a New York City girl who drifted down to D.C., wanting more than just a provincial life. Belle was a Literature major with a minor in Creative Writing; she spent most of her time at the Starbucks on campus and made frequent trips to Politics and Prose. During junior year, Belle began dating a slightly rugged (but super good looking) rugby player—her friends and family didn’t necessarily approve, but of course, true love prevails. As a writer, Belle contributed articles to multiple magazines and newspapers at AU (Her Campus, of course) and worked as the Editor-in-Chief of AmLit her senior year. After graduation, she moved to France and became a best-selling novelist.


Jasmine, a D.C. native, came to American for the International Studies program. As an International Studies and Economics major, Jasmine spent a year abroad in Jordan—she loved it. Upon her return, Jasmine decided to join multiple organizations on campus to promote diversity at AU. She made weekly trips to Cava and decided to stay at American to earn a Master’s (and later on a PhD) in International Relations. Jasmine went on to travel across the world, embracing different cultures as she went.



Elsa, an international European student, traveled to America to find her freedom; after realizing she didn’t fit in much at home, she let go of all her anxieties and moved to an entirely different country. As a Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies major, Elsa gained her independence and power—she became a sister of Gamma Rho Lambda, the all-inclusive sorority on campus. Through GRL, Elsa embraced who she was and began interning (and later on working) for the Human Rights Campaign.


Just like the women of American University, the Disney princesses have their own backgrounds, stories and goals. However, they each bring something amazing to the table, adding to the diversity and accomplishments that American women have. 

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Gabriella Salazar is a junior at American University studying Public Communication and Marketing. She hails from sunny, sunny Los Angeles, California and her proudest moment is meeting Ryan Gosling at the Gangster Squad Premier in January 2013. She's a lover of ballet, wheat thins, food, music and cats; a hater of all things dumb and annoying--like traffic.
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