Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List 2016

As the semester winds down (with finals fast approaching — ah!) , I can’t help but daydream about the summertime, when I’ll be (hypothetically) worry free. Here is my summer bucket list, and hopefully you can get some ideas to add to yours! Read on to find out 25 ideas of what to do this summer wherever you are! Some ideas are to more specific cities but if you don't live near there, why not plan a trip to get there, for example, to go to the Gov Ball concert in NYC, or cliff jump somewhere warm! Anything is possible. #summer2k16forevahh

1. Go to Coney Island

2. Run a 5k

3. Go to The Bagel Store in Williamsburg 

4. Go to Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

5. Play tennis

6. Read Jack Kerouac

7. Create a signature smoothie

8. Bake lemon bars

9. Eat 3 Brothers pizza at Seaside Heights

10. Watch the sunrise

11. Go cliff jumping

12. Bonfire + s’mores = classic

13. You, your friends, a blanket & the stars

14. Skinny dip? (my friends went last year, but they’d go again, right!?)

15. Go to the drive-in

16. Have a picnic in a park

17. Watch French movies

18. Concerts, concerts, concerts — Gov Ball is an idea!

19. Go strawberry picking

20. Learn a new trick. For example, I want to learn how to drive a stick shift…with help from Dad.

21. Mini golf with friends. And winner buys ice cream.

22. Camp in the Adirondacks 

23. Make a music video with your friends. Could be funny, right?!

24. Go to the Sex Museum in NYC

25. Either take a picture every day of the summer or write in a journal for every single day. Fondly, look back at your summer when it’s over and the leaves begin changing. 


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