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How to Turn Emmy Trends Into Everyday Looks

First comes New York Fashion Week, and then comes the Emmy Awards!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, your Facebook and Twitter feeds are probably abuzz with the Emmy’s “Best Dressed” nominees.

While not all of us can afford the beautiful gowns and lavish jewelry that celebrities can, there are a few simple ways to incorporate styles from the red carpet to your daily strut across campus.

Shock the System

First up, citrus colors. Replacing red as this season’s “it” color, bright yellows and oranges set the carpet on fire. Celebrities such as Emmy award winners Julie Bowen, Claire Danes, Leslie Mann and Ginnifer Goodwin dazzled in the sunny hues. 

These colors make a statement of sass. In a serious city like DC, where the black pants suit is the automatic go-to, moderation is key. If done right, electric colors can marry youthfulness and professionalism together in any outfit.

Orange belt, C.Wonder | Neon yellow earrings, ZARA

Tip: If you wear a bold color, make sure to pair it with subtle basics. Wherever you wear neon, you will automatically bring attention to that area of your body. If you are having a particularly good hair day, try bright earrings. If your diet is finally taking effect, try a belt.

It’s Okay to be Blue

January Jones looked fierce in her abstract, black Zac Posen dress, but it wasn’t her dress that caused the most stir on the carpet—it was her blue beauty look. Most of us know that blue eye shadow was rightfully expelled from women’s makeup routines in the early 1990s, but January’s smoldering blue eyeliner screamed high fashion, not acid wash denim.

Be Sure to Sparkle

Kerry Washington and Lucy Liu looked like haute disco balls in sparkly silver gowns. I have never met a girl who didn’t adore sparkles, and fitting with E!’s manicure cam, an all over sparkle nail look adds a hint of glamour to any occasion. 

Tip: To add a dash of elegance to your nail look, apply a coat of silver sparkles over the white tips in a French manicure.

Be The Lady in Red… Err, Burgundy

Perhaps this fall’s most anticipated color, burgundy stunned on actresses like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tina Fey. Burgundy, red’s older, more mature cousin, pairs well with most colors. For this reason, invest in classic pieces in the burgundy color family. 

Tip: A wine-colored handbag or wallet will keep you on trend and can be worn daily without drawing too much attention. This way, no matter what outfit you wear, you are updated with current styles.

Lisa Satchel in Red, Mimi Boutique

Photo credits:
Julie Bowen
Ginnifer Goodwin
January Jones
Blue eyeliner
Kerry Washington
OPI nail polish
Tina Fey

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