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As we are getting into the month of October, we are now approaching the bigger testing weeks of the semester– the dreaded midterms. Midterms can be very draining for students, especially first semester freshmen. But there are several tricks that have helped students study for exams that can be applied to midterms.



  1. Good Notes = Good Grades

The better notes you take in class the better you’ll understand the material, it’s pretty simple. But if you feel as if you didn’t take as great of notes during the lecture, go back in the textbook and reread chapters. Then take notes based on to textbook to cover the materials you may have missed in lectures.



  1. Stay organized and study in a good space for you.

Personally, since entering college my organization has gotten better instead of worse which is actually surprising. To keep organized I would suggest keeping subjects separate from each other and, when studying, set aside an allotted amount of time for each subject instead of going back and forth between subjects. As for finding a workspace, go somewhere that won’t distract you– maybe it’s in your dorm or maybe it’s in the library– but find the place where you can focus best.



  1. Don’t dwell on a subject too long.

The more you try to cram something in your brain, the harder it is going to be to actually remember it. It’s better to spend shorter amounts of time on a subject and repeatedly come back to it; rather than marathon-study. 



  1. Take study breaks.

Taking breaks is honestly one of the most important parts of studying. A good way to determine when to take a break is for every 30 minutes you study, take a 5-10 minute break. Spend this time deep breathing, going outside or grabbing a snack.



  1. Try to eat properly. 

As a college student, it can be nearly impossible to eat three balanced meals a day. But before big exams, it is best to eat as well as you can. Throughout the day, drinking water is vital and can give you more energy than coffee. Smoothies and salads are an ideal way to get your fruit and vegetable intake for the day. The point is to try your hardest to eat power foods to survive these exams.



  1. Actually sleep before the exam.

Yes, in college you actually need sleep, especially before midterms. Take advantage of your time as much as you can throughout the day to study so at night you are able to just relax and sleep. As much as you may want to pull an all-nighter to study, don’t. That all-nighter won’t further prepare you but instead, cause you to feel drowsy or even fall asleep during the exam. 



As we prepare for midterms, remember it is okay if you don’t do perfect. Just make sure to take care of you during the studying process!



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Gianna is currently a junior at American University in Washington, D.C., and is majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. She is the managing editor of Her Campus at American University. Gianna enjoys writing about Women's Advocacy, Politics and Pop Culture. She also loves to travel and find hole-in-the-wall restaurants in D.C.
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