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How To: Monograms

“My rule is, if it’s not moving, monogram it!” Reese Witherspoon couldn’t have been more right. Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? The overlapping letters and color combinations make for a fun purchase that always has your name on it. Monograms can be added to nearly outfit, whether it be through jewelery or on your backpack. Here are some of the best ways to abbreviate your name and look stylish while doing it.

1. Monogram Necklace 

A Moon and Lola Monogram Necklace should be the start to every girl’s monogram collection. These necklaces are statement pieces of jewelry that can be worn with absolutely everything. Whether you’re in a Frat Collection shirt and norts, a Lilly Pulitzer dress, or navy t-shirt and jeans, these necklaces go with everything. On the website, you can find twenty-eight different acrylic colors or stick to a classic metal one in gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or white gold. Although they are a bit of an investment, these necklaces are high quality and you will get your wear and tear out of them.

2. Monogram Hat

With summer and baseball season right around the corner, these caps are the perfect addition to any monogram collection. These hats from the Etsy store, Elite Monograms are available in 25 awesome colors with 11 different font/monogram styles. They are the perfect solution to a sunny day on the beach or a day of rays at the pool.

3. Monogram Purse

This item will probably be one of the most complimented purchases you ever make–everyone will be dying to know where you got this clutch. Marley Lilly’s Monogram Cross Body Clutches are an awesome investment. From going out on the town with the girls, to attending a frat party and even a casual dinner date this purse will be your go to. The luxe clutch is made of synthetic leather and comes with a gold chain so the bag can be used across the body or as a clutch. While you’re at it, check out Marley Lilly for tons of monogram choices ranging from cardigans, to sunglasses and even koozies.

4. Monogram Bracelet 

Accessorize, accessorize, and accessorize. Let’s be real, sometimes the right accessories are what can make or break an outfit. With that in mind, a Wimberly Monogrammed Enamel Cuff Bracelet is a must-have! This bracelet is perfect to wear alone, stack with other bracelets, or use to accent your favorite outfits whether you’re in a formal dress or your favorite sports gear. It also comes in tons of different color-combos to go with whatever you want. For an amazing pop of summery color try coral and light blue.

5. Monogram Rain Jackets

Rain, rain, go away… just kidding come again! If you have one of these adorable Monogrammed Rain Jackets you will be wishing for the stormy weather. These jackets made by the Etsy vendor, JustForMeSewing, come in tons of vibrant color-combos so you can have a little sunshine on a rainy day. Not only are they monogrammed on the front of the jacket, they are also threaded on the top of the hood. So next time you see that rain cloud, grab your Hunters, a cute umbrella and your new cute monogram jacket!

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