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Holiday Gift Guide for College Students

‘Tis of the season of final exams, 10-page research papers, 20-minute presentations, endless job applications, moving out, and … oh yeah I should mention it’s also the holidays. Every year as the semester ends, the holiday season begins. Finding the time in between classes, work, student clubs, and life to pick out affordable, useful, and thoughtful gifts is especially stressful for college students. With that said, I have accumulated a list of store-bought and homemade gift ideas for college students that don’t break the bank and will your gift receipt’s heart go pitter-patter.


Personalized Enamel Pins: Amazon Prime $8.99

Personalized Iron-On/Sew-On Patches: Amazon Prime $7.99

A Good Book: Amazon Prime $19.50

A Cozy Candle: Target $6.49

An Adorable Tea Infuser: Amazon Prime $7.39

A Reusable Water Bottle: Amazon Prime $22.50

A Portable Reusable Straw: Amazon Prime $7.98


A Grow Kit: Urban Outfitters $10.49


And of course, there are the homemade gifts! I am definitely a homemade gifts gal because I can craft something I know the recipient would enjoy and find meaningful. Plus, homemade gifts always feel more from the heart because you took the time to think of and create something by hand. Most of my inspiration for handmade gifts comes from Pinterest. Below I have listed a few of my favorite homemade gifts.


A Scrapbook: Pinterest How-To

A Customized Photo Collage: Pinterest How-To

Hot Coco Maker: Pinterest How-To

A Hug

While all of these gifts are festive holiday pleasures, remember the simple gift of giving. Before your holiday calendar gets filled with seasonal celebrations, find a few local shelters or non-profit organizations to volunteer at. Bring along family and friends and give back to your local community. Remind yourself of your privilege and everything you have to be grateful for.  Have a Happy Holiday season loves! 

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